5 browsers with the cleanest user interface

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Most browser makers are trying to outdo each other by offering more and more tools, features, and third-party integrations.However, some of us find user interfaces cluttered with buttons, dials, and icons to be more confusing than helpful.

In an age of speed and efficiency, being able to browse the internet without distractions is a must.One of the ways to help with this is to use the right browser, a simple one without any extra tools, features or add-ons.


However, a browser with a simple user interface doesn't mean its functionality is limited.Below are some examples of web browsers with clean user interfaces.

1. Humming-bird


Colibri's selling point is that it's a tabless browser.While Colibri isn't the most popular browser out there, if a simple interface is what you need, Colibri is your best bet.The first time you start Colibri, the interface is mostly empty, and then you can start customizing it to your exact needs.

Links replace tabs, lists replace bookmark groups, and Feeds keep you up to date with the latest news from your most visited sites.

Unfortunately, Clipper also has some drawbacks.First, despite using the Chromium engine, it doesn't support any add-ons.There are also few customization options when it comes to visual effects.However, it offers a basic set of security features, such as blocking ads, trackers, and third-party cookies.

To use Clipper, you first need to create a Clipper account, and then you can download and install it.This account serves several purposes, the most important being saving your settings so you can access Clipper from other devices.Speaking of devices, Clipper currently supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download: Colibri for 32-bit Windows | 64-bit Windows | MacOS | Linux (free)

2. Opera Neon


Debuting in 2017, Opera Neon has been labeled a concept browser from the start.Its abstracted user interface is meant to be a leap into the future of web browsing.It's free to use, and both macOS and Windows users can download and test this experimental product.

While designing this web browser, our main focus was to develop a software that looks stylish, operates smoothly, and works with maximum efficiency.

While the abstract interface might be confusing at first glance, it's undeniably clean.There's no toolbar, nor any customizable sidebar that you can fill with shortcuts or integrations into your favorite apps.

Unfortunately, Opera Neon offers no extension support, no built-in ad blocker, or even the built-in VPN that other Opera browsers are known for.Also, apart from the occasional bug fix, the browser hasn't added any new features since its release.

However, the browser still works flawlessly, so there is no need to worry about installing an outdated product.All in all, using this browser is about fun and enjoyment at its best, and while it has limited features, there is no doubt that casual users will love its futuristic way of browsing.

Download: Opera Neon for Windows | MacOS (free)

3. Vivaldi


Vivaldi, another Chromium-based browser, is by far the most customizable.It can be as simple as it is feature-rich, and the amount of information displayed on the screen is entirely up to the user.

Some users believe that the simple user interface means they can work faster.While other users feel that placing UI elements in intuitive locations can achieve the same effect.Fortunately, Vivaldi can do both. Vivaldi's visual flexibility and accessibility make it a versatile web browser.

While Vivaldi isn't as popular as other Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Edge, or Opera, the plethora of tools it offers make it worth the money.It blocks ads, third-party cookies and prevents phishing.Plus, it's very resource-efficient, making it perfect for users who are still running older computers.

Download: Vivaldi for Windows | MacOS | Linux | Android (free)

4. Tor Browser


As we all know, the Tor browser is the most secure web browser on the Internet.However, few people realize that it is also one of the most intuitive user interfaces.

The Tor browser is actually just a tool to access the Tor network, and the Tor network is the hero behind the scenes to protect user data security and prevent prying eyes.Because of this, Tor Browser doesn't put too much emphasis on its exploit features.That means no extension support, no third-party integrations, and very few customization tools.

While this might sound like a list of disadvantages, a side effect is that the browser doesn't have a cluttered interface, which is actually considered a plus by some.

In fact, a quick glance at Tor Browser's settings menu reveals that the features and tools that users can customize are all privacy-related.This means that these functions will always perform their work in the background, leaving Tor's user interface free of any shortcuts, icons, or other distractions.

The only real downside to using Tor is that, while the interface is certainly neat, browsing the internet isn't as fast. The Tor network relies on hiding users behind multiple layers of protection, which also includes the use of VPNs and proxies.These can significantly slow down browsing, especially when performing data-intensive operations such as watching online videos or downloading large files.

Download: Tor for Windows | MacOS | Linux | Android | iOS (free)

5. Brave browser


The Brave browser is another private web browser known for its security features, and it has a sleek and modern user interface.In fact, many believe that Brave Browser is almost as secure as Tor Browser, but with better visuals.

Fortunately, when Brave developed its iconic web browser, it made sure not to include anything that might distract users. The Brave browser has no toolbar or sidebar, and most of the customization features are security-related, just like the Tor browser.

The only elements users see when they open the browser are the search bar, Brave Wallet, a button to toggle the built-in VPN on and off, and a menu button to access the browser settings.

Another advantage of the Brave browser is that, unlike Tor, it doesn't take up much of the user's network data, so casual browsing can be done without compromising security.

Download: Brave Browser for 64-bit Windows | 32-bit Windows | MacOS | Linux | Android | iOS (free)

Simple UI means more focused browsing

It's easy to get distracted while surfing the web, especially when your browser's sidebar has moment-to-moment notifications.However, some browsers only provide users with the tools and features they really need to surf the web more effectively.

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