How to disable the "Allow Paste from" popup on iPhone and iPad?

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Apple introduced a copy-paste permission setting in iOS 16.It displays a confirmation message before pasting items from other applications or devices.These prompts pop up by default every time the clipboard is accessed, which can be frustrating for some users.

So, if you use copy and paste a lot, consider turning it off.Below, we will teach you how to disableiPhoneOriPadGet rid of those annoying "Allow pasting from" popups.


How toiPhoneOriPadTurn off paste permissions on

To remove Paste permission from any app on your iOS/iPadOS device, follow the simple instructions below:

1. Launch Settings, then scroll down and select the app for which you want to disable the "Allow Paste from" popup.You must manually adjust each application's paste permission settings.

2. Now, tap "Paste from another application" and select "Deny" or "Allow".

3. Select "Allow" to freely paste elements from other applications or Apple devices, while "Deny" restricts clipboard access.If you set it to "Ask", you'll still see the paste permission popup.




The copy-paste permission setting only appears on apps that are already trying to access the clipboard.Let's say you just downloaded Facebook.You won't see the "Paste from other apps" option until you use the Paste feature.

The paste permission popup, while inconvenient, protects you from accidentally sharing random items from your clipboard.These errors are especially common among Handoff users.Unless you manage the Universal Clipboard properly, consider turning off Apple's Handoff feature, or leave the paste permission popup for certain apps.

Get rid of annoying paste permission prompts

Whether or not you use Apple's paste permissions settings, double-check the text you copy and paste.This is a simple but effective habit to prevent the mistaken sharing of private information, as not all platforms have the ability to undo or unsend.

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