6 YouTube Improvements to the Site and App to Make Your Video Watching Better

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no doubt,YouTubevery good.However, here are some third-party apps and extensions that make it even better.From AI-driven chat queries and summarization, to discovery and followYouTubeWays to get on great channels, and with the help of these tools, you'll have a better YouTube experience.


1. Ask YouTube (Web): ChatGPT-like search, get answers from all YouTube videos


Ask YouTube is a YouTube video search engine, but with a difference.You probably know that recent advances in machine learning have enabled ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence to summarize YouTube videos so that you don't have to watch the entire video.Now, Ask YouTube uses this technology to turn YouTube into a question-and-answer search engine.

For example, try the query "What is the best mid-range GPU for desktop gaming in 2023?" Ask YouTube will process your query, find the best relevant YouTube search results, and analyze and summarize them first. If there is a consistent choice, Ask YouTube will give you a ChatGPT-like answer telling you which GPU you should buy and why. If not, it will give you a reason without a clear answer, but will provide further help.

All videos analyzed by Ask YouTube are listed in the search results with a summary.If the original answer wasn't enough information for you, this is great because you can now choose which videos to watch or not to watch based on the read summary.Just to remind you that the search speed of Ask YouTube is not as fast as Google or ChatGPT, so you need to be patient.

2. Favoree (Web): IMDb for YouTube to discover channels and videos


Too many people get tired of YouTube's recommendation algorithm, especially when it comes to finding new channels to like and follow.Discovering channels and creators on YouTube can be a frustrating experience. Favoree is one such disgruntled YouTube fan trying to create an IMDb-like thing for YouTube.

Favoree's interface is beautiful and elegant, and it immediately stands out from YouTube.You can browse channels by topics such as Science, History, Travel, Movies, True Crime, and Sports, and flip through top recommendations for each topic.The site also recommends weekly new channels for you to discover.You can also add a comment on your channel's Favorites page, rate it with five stars or read user reviews from other viewers.

The website also provides a powerful channel and video search engine.You can filter channels based on topics, average video length, number of subscribers, sentiment, Favoritee comments and categories.You can further sort the results by different metrics.Likewise, videos can be filtered and sorted by Topics, Most Watched, Hidden Gems, Best Rated, Newest Posted, and Video Length.

3. EduTube (Web): A curated collection of YouTube educational videos


YouTube is more than just an entertainment platform. There are some fantastic educational channels on YouTube that make you smarter by combining information into easy-to-understand snippets.Sebastian "Basti" Völkl from Munich claims that by watching the right videos, one can get a university-level education. Basti himself is an example, saying: "I never went to university. Instead, I started my own startup, taught myself mathematics, computer science and neuroscience, and worked on brain-computer interface projects.

EduTube is a collection of more than 1000 educational videos carefully selected by Basti on YouTube, covering topics such as biology, computer science, space, physics, business, mathematics, electronics, philosophy, history, engineering, neuroscience and more.Of these, the first four videos are free to browse, and you can filter videos by subcategory or length.

If you are interested in any of these four topics, use EduTube to teach yourself.If you're happy with the output, consider paying a one-time payment of $20 to gain access to additional themes, as well as new videos every week.

4. Hour Ups (Web): Curated free Coursera-like technical skills mini-courses


A couple of engineers in San Francisco and Toronto decided to use YouTube videos to create the equivalent of Coursera's free technical tutorials. HourUps handpicked on popular development topics such as Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, C++, Lisp, Git, CS, Fundamentals, HTML/CSS, WordPress, Excel, SQL, API, Database, AWS, Linux, and Communication 171 crash courses.In addition, there are career track video courses on a wider range of topics.

Each section consists of 6 videos, starting with a basic introduction to walk you through the topic, followed by a more in-depth guide. The goal of HourUps is not to make you an expert on the subject.It's more for those looking to refresh their skills or gain real insight into a subject before investing time and money in understanding it properly.

5. Audio2Doc Chatbot (Chrome): ChatGPT lookup when you watch any video


Audio2Doc is part of a growing number of cool AI extensions aimed at providing a better YouTube experience.It quickly and easily runs ChatGPT on any YouTube video you're watching so you can ask it.

You need to log in with your Google ID for Audio2Doc to work, then refresh your browser.When you watch any YouTube video, click the extension icon and give it a minute to analyze the video.Then, just ask any question that can be answered in the video, and Audio2Doc will handle aggregating the answers.

Download: Audio2Doc YouTube Chatbot for Chrome (free)

6. TubeMail (Web): Create custom email digests of YouTube channel updates

TubeMail is a simple free service that creates email summaries of new videos posted by channels you want to see.Developers want to stop wasting time watching recommended videos and other content on YouTube, and focus only on the videos they want to watch, so the service came into being.Email digests are more helpful than subscribing on YouTube because you don't have to visit the homepage and get hooked on other content that YouTube sends you through its recommendation algorithm.

Sign up for the service, then search for channels to add to your list.It's unclear how many channels you can add, though the developers point out that there is a limit.You can then set how often (daily, weekly or monthly) you want the email digest to be delivered to your inbox.Simple, convenient and free, why not do it?

Remember to abide by the safe online rules

While these are all fun ways to use YouTube, keep in mind that these are third-party apps.Since your YouTube is tied to your Google account (and possibly email and other services), it's important to be careful and follow safe online practices when you sign up for an account on these apps.


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