How to Access Media from a USB Drive on PS5

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When you imagine playing media from a USB stick,PS5Probably not what comes to your mind first.but if you willPS5Used as a comprehensive entertainment system, you may eventually want to play media you download or create yourself.

Obviously, you'll need an external USB stick and PS5, but you'll also need a computer.Any operating system that can read and format a USB stick will do.When you're ready, read the rest of this guide.


First, format your USB drive

The PS5 works with external storage drives formatted in exFAT or FAT32, while your USB drive may not be either format.In this case, you must format it using a computer.

Before you begin, make sure you have backed up any existing data on the external USB drive, as formatting your USB will delete all existing data.

Here's how to change your external USB to the correct format on a Mac:

1. Plug the USB into the Mac.

2. Press and hold Command + Spacebar, type Disk Utility, and hit Enter.

3. Scroll down to the "External" section to find your external hard drive.

4. Control-click the drive name and select Erase.


5. Select ExFAT from the Format menu and click Erase.

Once complete, your hard drive will be in the new format.After formatting, you should have folders named "Videos," "Music," and "Photos" created at the root of your hard drive.You can copy and paste the music, videos and photos you want.

The PS5 supports MP3840 (H.2160/AAC), MKV (H.4/AAC), and WEBM (VP264/Opus) video at a maximum resolution of 264 x 9, as well as FLAC, MP3, and AAC music.

How to Play Videos and View Photos via U Disk on PS5

The next step is to access your stored videos and photos.We've grouped them together because the ways to get to them are very similar.Don't try to get into the PS5's media section, which is for streaming apps and subscriptions.

Follow the steps below:

1. Insert the USB drive into a compatible PS5 port.

2. Navigate to "Game Library" on the PS5's home screen.You'll find it at the end of the list of games.

3. Select "Library" > "Open".

4. Click R1 on the controller until you reach the USB section.

5. Select your USB from the list, you will find your photo and video folder inside.


Press the R1 key to skip to the next video or photo.You can also use the right or left buttons on the D-pad to jump forward or back 10 seconds, respectively.

How to Listen to Audio or Music from a USB Drive on PS5

You won't find your music files in the PS5's media library.Instead, you have to go into the PS5's dedicated music panel.The method of use is as follows:

1. Quickly tap the PS button once to open Control Center.

2. Navigate to "Music" and open to enter the music panel.

3. Scroll down to the last section called Music Sources.


4. Select the USB drive with music from the list and you will see a list of all supported audio files in it.

5. You can select any one of them to start playing music from the external hard drive.

And instead of having this panel open all the time, you can close it and play a video game while listening to audio from a USB stick.

Enjoy your own media on PS5

Streaming services are great, but there are some music, movies, photos, and videos that streaming services just can't offer.You can use your own external USB drive to bring them to the PS5, view photos, watch downloaded 4K movies, and listen to any music you want.Using your USB drive with the PS5 will help turn it into the ultimate entertainment system.

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