How to Sign Up and Use Gmail's "Write for Me" Feature

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With 3,470 billion emails coming and going every day, sooner or later you'll have to send or respond to one yourself.But sometimes, writing important emails can be a hassle.Fortunately,gmailProvides a feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you compose emails faster and better.


Whether you're a writer or not, this tool can help you overcome writing blocks when sending emails.Here we will introducegmail's "write for me" feature and how to use it effectively.

What is "Write for Me" in Gmail?


Gmail's "Help me write" is an artificial intelligence feature that helps you quickly draft emails using prompts.For example, when you click the "write me" button in Gmail, it asks you for a hint and then automatically drafts the email based on that hint.

This feature also helps you refine drafts you've already written.So whether you're writing a cover letter or responding to official emails, you can save time and effort by turning to Gmail's AI-powered writing assistant for help.

Who Can Use Gmail's "Write for Me" Feature?

Gmail's "write for me" is Google Workspace Labs The product.To use this feature, you must first register with Workspace Labs. Workspace Labs is a trusted testing program where users can test new AI capabilities before they are rolled out to the public.

Currently, Workspace Labs is only open to trusted testers and is in English.You can open the Google Docs document, find the Labs icon on the left, and check whether you have Workspace Labs permissions.

You can also open Gmail and click "Settings" to see if you're eligible.If you're eligible, you'll see a message saying you're part of the Workspace Labs program with "Learn More" and "Sign Out" buttons.

How to Sign Up for Gmail's "Write for Me" Feature

If you've already qualified as a Trusted Tester, you should receive an invitation to try Write for Me when you open Gmail on your desktop.This invitation will recur several times, so don't panic if you miss the first time.Whenever prompted, just tap "Received".

If you are not yet a Trusted Tester, please visitGoogle Workspace Labs, click "Register" or "Get Started", review the information on the page, scroll down to the "Consumer Confirmation" section, check all the boxes, and click "Submit".


Now, wait to receive the invitation, which could come any day, any time you use Gmail.When prompted, tap Receive.Go ahead and check your Gmail settings to see when you've been accepted.This may take a few days to reflect.

What do I need to know before using Gmail's "Write for Me"?

Like ChatGPT, Write for Me and other Workspace Labs features have limitations and should be used with caution.For example, they may suggest inappropriate or inaccurate information.

AI chatbots, including Write for Me, must never share personal, sensitive, or confidential information.That's because Google collects your Workspace Labs data, including hints, inputs, refinements, and more.

The collected Workspace Labs data will be used as feedback to help Google improve Workspace Labs product features.

How to use "write for me" in Gmail

With that said, let's take a look at how to use "Write for Me" in Gmail:

1. Open Gmail on the desktop, click "Compose".

2. Go to the toolbar at the bottom of the "Compose" window and click the "Write for me" icon (the pen with the star).

3. You can also click the "Write for me" button above the send button.


4. Pay attention to the featured writing prompts.If none of the options capture your email intent, just enter your own prompt and hit create.

5. Wait for it to automatically generate an email draft, similar to how ChatGPT works.Then review the draft, and if everything looks right, click Insert.

6. Otherwise, you can recreate or refine the resulting draft to your liking by clicking the corresponding button.For example, you can make your email sound more formal, or ask to "write it for me" to elaborate or shorten the email.


7. Continue editing the inserted draft, deleting or replacing placeholder text.

8. When you're done, click Send as you would when sending an email.

Compose Emails Faster and Better with Gmail's "Write for Me" Feature

AI-assisted writing has gained popularity since the launch of ChatGPT.Google is making it easier to draft or edit emails in Gmail with the rollout of "Write for Me" via Workspace Labs.This feature has the potential to help you write better emails faster.

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