How to Set Your Current Book as Your Kindle Lock Screen

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The Amazon Kindle is a great device with tons of useful features.One small but welcome addition is that you can set the current book cover as your Kindle lock screen.


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do this, along with information on which types of Kindle devices support it.let's start.

Which Kindle devices are supported?


The feature is compatible with the standard Kindle (XNUMXth generation and up), Kindle Paperwhite (XNUMXth generation and up), Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage.

Also, the Kindle you choose must be the "ad-free" version.You can check the Kindle type and generation you have on your Amazon account via "Content & Devices" > "Devices".

From here, you can upgrade your Kindle to the ad-free version (if you don't already have one), or you can do so by contacting customer service, both for a one-time $20 fee.

Step 1: Make sure your Kindle is updated


Under "All Settings" > "Device Options," you should see an option to display the cover of the book you're reading as your Kindle lock screen, called "Show Cover".

If your Kindle is supported but you don't see this option, it may just be that your device may not be updated.

To update your Kindle, first make sure your Kindle is connected to the Internet.Then, in "Device Options," go to "Advanced Options," and select "Update Your Kindle."

If the option is greyed out, it means you have the latest updates.However, if your Kindle still doesn't give you the option to switch your book cover as your lock screen, try restarting your Kindle.

You can go into "Device Options" and select "Restart".Once your Kindle restarts, it should now have the Show Cover option.

Step 2: Enable Show Cover


Now that your Kindle is updated, just go back to "Device Options" and switch to "Display Lid."It's that simple!

When the "Show Cover" feature is enabled, your Kindle will display the cover of the book you're reading as its lock screen, whether you lock it manually or time out.

Step 3: Switch Between Different Kindle Covers


In order to switch your Kindle lock screen to a different book cover, just select a different book to read.Your Kindle lock screen will change accordingly.

While it's convenient for your Kindle to automatically change the lock screen, it's something to keep in mind if you start reading a book with a cover you don't want people to see.In this case, simply follow step two and close the Display Cover.

A more personalized Kindle

Now you can set your Kindle lock screen to be the cover of the book you're reading, which you might like for a more complete feel.

Whether it's books, comics, magazines, or manga, your Kindle can now make e-reading even more personal.

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