How to Build a Document Outline in Your Google Docs

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Google Productivity Suite is a collection of productivity apps designed to make your work or study more manageable.Needless to say, they are currently second only to Microsoft Office and 365.But, it's good for consistent users of Google apps.That means Google is competing with them for new features to stay relevant.

Since Docs is one of Google's most widely used apps, it's updated frequently.An update released in February this year is the document outline.Let's take a look at what it is and how it works.

Document outlines, summaries and rules

Google DocsOne of the most important selling points is how collaborative it is.With the new Outline feature, you can easily see an overview of what others have written without having to dig into the content.

Your collaborators can also easily jump to the section that applies to them, provided you include the appropriate title.They just click on a heading in the outline and the document jumps to that heading.This is very useful for long documents like white papers.

You can also check that the title tags are in the correct order before transferring the content to the website.Document outlines are also handy for online authors using Google Docs.

How to open a document outline

The outline will be built automatically.To bring it up, navigate to View > Show Document Outline.Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + A Ctrl + Alt + H.


Both methods will display the document outline on the left side of the workspace:


Each type of heading has its own level of indentation so you can keep track of your thoughts and their hierarchy under the subheading.

How to turn off document outlines

As convenient as a document outline is, it does take up a sizable portion of your workspace.You can choose to hide the outline box by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner of it.Then you will see this icon:


Click it to reopen the outline box when needed.To completely remove the outline, just follow the steps you originally opened it in (View > Show Document Outline).

How to remove and add headings to the document outline

Sometimes, headings are needed to break up the text, but have nothing to do with the outline.To remove a heading from the outline but keep it in the document, just hover over the heading you want to remove and click the X.


Add a title to the document outline:

1. Highlight the title in the document.

2. Right-click and select Add to Document Outline.


How to add to outline without title tag

Unfortunately, standard text cannot be added to the outline, except in the following cases:

1. Make it at least two font sizes larger than the body text.

2. Insert it on its own line.

For example, the screenshot below shows a font size of 12.5, while the body text is 10.5.


How to add a summary to the outline

To add a summary to the document outline, do the following:

1. Open the outline.

2. Click the + sign next to Summary.

3. Type a summary.

4. Press Enter or click Exit.


Whether you're writing a book, web article, office memo, or any other task in Google Docs, Outline makes it easier to navigate complex documents.Remember, you can turn it on and off at will, and add summaries with just a few clicks, so get the hang of it Google Docs Outline function is necessary.


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