How to Send Text Messages Instead of iMessages on iPhone

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iMessage is great for messaging other Apple device users, but what if sometimes the service isn't available and you need to contact someone?

In this case, you can quickly send a regular text message instead.We'll teach you how to send texts as SMS on iPhone.


1. Manually send information as SMS

You can manually send green bubbles instead of blue bubbles on your iPhone, even without turning off your cellular data and Wi-Fi.It's very simple, here's how to do it:

1. Enter your information and click the send button.

2. Before sending, quickly tap and hold the message bubble.

3. Select "Send as SMS".Your speech bubble should turn green with the words Sent as SMS appear below it.





If you tap and hold on the message bubble and see Send to an email address instead of as a text message, it's most likely because you're not connected to a phone number when you're messaging a contact.Instead, there's only an email address associated with their contact information, and you can't text it.

2. Automatically send information as SMS

To automatically send messages as text messages on your iPhone, you can send messages to people who don't use Apple devices or who have iMessage disabled.Alternatively, you can completely disable iMessage on your device.There is another option, and that is to tweak your settings.Here's how:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap Info.

3. Now, scroll down and switch to Send as SMS.



Whenever iMessage is unavailable, your messages will automatically be sent as text messages.If you want to automatically send messages as text messages when iMessage is available, disable Wi-Fi and cellular data first.

Send a text message when iMessage is unavailable

If you're worried about not being able to reach people when iMessage isn't available, or you just prefer to send regular text messages, there are ways around that, too.You can send text messages manually from your iPhone, or automatically when iMessage is not available.

Alternatively, you can turn off iMessage to ensure your messages are always sent as text messages.

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