How to Make Your iPhone's LED Light Blink When You Get a Call or Text

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Like most smartphones,iPhoneUsers can set a ringtone for incoming calls or text messages, or have their phone vibrate when they receive a notification.However, these options are not helpful for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

apple foriPhoneAdded an amazing feature of flashing LED lights when notifications are received, which helps users with mild to severe hearing loss to stay alert and not miss any notifications.

If you have hearing problems, or just want to play around with this cool feature, here's how to make your iPhone's LED blink when you receive a call or text.


How to Make Your iPhone's LED Light Blink When You Get a Call or Text

Follow these steps to make your iPhone's LED light blink when you get a call or text:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to Accessibility.

2. Go to Audio/Visual under Hearing.

3. Swipe to the bottom of Audio/Visual Settings and tap the LED flash for the alarm.

4. Toggle the LED flashing light for the alarm.





While following the steps above will enable LED flash alerts, they will only trigger when your iPhone is locked and silent mode is disabled.

If you want your iPhone to flash when it's unlocked and in silent mode, you'll need to enable two more toggles in the Alert's LED flash menu: Flash when unlocked and Flash in silent mode.

Your iPhone's LED flash can do a better job of alerting you

For deaf people, the LED flash reminder setting in the iOS system is a godsend accessibility feature.It is equally valuable when one is in a noisy environment.Hopefully, applying the instructions above will make your iPhone blink when you receive a text message or call.

Turn your iPhone upside down after enabling the feature, otherwise, you might not even see the LED blinking, which means there's absolutely no point in enabling the feature.Your iPhone's LED blinking alert is a nice feature that will make your life easier.

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