How to use Opera GX's live wallpaper

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Opera GXFrom the very beginning, it established itself as the web browser of choice for gamers.Each new update brings more features to make it even more appealing, from additional customization options to optimization tools that make the web browser use fewer resources when it runs in the background while you game.

In keeping with this trend, the latestOpera GXThe update allows users to create live wallpapers.But what exactly are live wallpapers, and how do you use them?


What is Opera GX Live Wallpaper?

Live Wallpaper will enable users to turn their web browser and desktop into an interactive mini-game.Unlike an actual game, however, Live Wallpaper is more of a live wallpaper, responding to everything you do both inside and outside of Opera GX.


This new feature complements Opera GX's adaptive background music and everything else gamers love about Opera GX.

How to Enable Live Wallpaper in Opera GX

Before you try to install and use Opera GX, you first need to make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.Once you're prompted with a message letting you know you're running the latest version of Opera GX, here's what you need to do:

1. Restart Opera GX.

2. Press Ctrl + F12 to enter the settings menu.


3. Go to the GX submenu.

4. Scroll down until you get to Live Wallpaper, and enter it.


5. Install the "Live Wallpaper" assistant.

Now, Live Wallpaper Assistant should appear on your computer's system tray.Here you can download new live wallpapers, change display modes, or access the GameMaker service to create your own live wallpapers.

How to Set Opera GX Live Wallpaper on Your Desktop

Currently, Opera GX's library contains 50 live wallpapers, all created by the GX team, available fromGX.storefree download.Here's what you need to do to install a new live wallpaper:

1. Enter "Live Wallpaper Assistant" from your system tray.

2. Move your mouse over the wallpaper and choose to download more live wallpapers...


3. Choose a live wallpaper from the GX store.


4. Click Install.


5. Go back to "Live Wallpaper Assistant" in the system tray.

6. Move your mouse over the wallpaper and select the live wallpaper you just downloaded.


The live wallpaper should automatically install and be available on your desktop.To turn off Live Wallpaper, go to Live Wallpaper Assistant and select Clear Live Wallpaper.

However, this feature is still in beta, which is why only users who joined the early bird program can test it.

Opera GX turns your desktop into an interactive game

These mini-games make Opera GX even more immersive than the original, and they also allow users to fill their extra time with quick gaming sessions that don't use up a lot of memory or CPU.All in all, the introduction of live wallpapers strengthens Opera GX's position as the dedicated web browser for gamers.

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