5 Things You Can Do With Your PS6 Besides Gaming

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Everyone knows,PS5is a powerful next-gen console that can handle most major titles worth a shot.Since the PS2, however, Sony has a history of creating consoles that also serve as decent entertainment systems.


PS5On the basis of this tradition, the possibilities of the game console are expanded, so it is more comprehensive.With the PS5, you can do more than play games, and we've rounded up all the other cool things you can do with it here.

1. Streaming Movies and TV Shows


Your PS5 has a long list of popular streaming services that you can download from the PlayStation Store.

Of course, different regions like the UK may have access to other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer.But you can choose from this list to turn your PS5 into the ultimate entertainment system.

Region restrictions will still apply to your shows, and your Netflix options will still be tied to your IP address location, not where you choose to sign up for PlayStation Network.So even if you have a UK-registered PSN account on your PS5, if you're in the US, you'll see US Netflix unless you use a VPN.

2. Play DVD and Blu-ray Disc


As an extension of its comprehensive entertainment system, the non-digital version of the PS5 can read DVDs and high-quality Blu-ray discs.

All you have to do is insert a DVD or Blu-ray into the console, wait for it to read the disc, and the media player app will open up, allowing you to interact with the disc.The PS4 can also play Blu-rays if you have a 5K-capable screen.

However, the PS5 does not support CDs.

3. Listen to music


Just like movies and videos, you can stream music on PS5 through online streaming services.However, if you want to avoid watching music videos, your only options are Apple Music and Spotify.

You can stream music for free on Spotify, or you can get its library with an Apple Music subscription.

Alternatively, you can create a music folder on a USB drive and play it through the Music menu in Control Center.

Outfit your PS5 with your favorite audio-enhancing hardware, from wired headphones to Bluetooth audio speakers.You can use the PS5 as your music player and go about your business at the same time.

4. Browsing the Internet


At yourThere's a browser hidden in the PS5, you can access it.However, you have to "trick" the PS5 into opening the browser you use to log into Twitter, choose to log in with Google, and figure out how to open Google's web page from there.

From the Google home page that opens, you can search for anything you want and "browse" the internet from there.But this browser is very limited, it doesn't load multimedia.If you're really desperate for something and you only have the PS5, it might be useful.

There are indications that the PS5 may have a better browser in the future, since it already has the corresponding settings.You can find them in Settings > System > Web Browser.It contains options for cookies, website data and some other quality of life features.But we'll have to see if Sony officially adds it anytime soon.

5. Keep up with your favorite gaming communities


Your PS5 automatically offers live streams, video suggestions, and screenshots of other people playing the same video games you play.You can also see the latest official news about games in your library.

When a game is highlighted on the main menu, pressing the D-pad opens the game's information.Keep pressing down until you see Videos and News.If you like, you can scroll sideways to see more news and information about the game.

There's also an Explore section next to the PlayStation Store in the main menu.From there, you can keep track of the games you care about as if they were in your library.You can select "Followed Games" at the top right of "Explore" to add or delete the games you follow.You can also manage followed games in Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Followed Games.

If you want to follow a game that you don't have in your library, just search for it in the PlayStation Store, select the three dots under its name, and select Follow.

6. Text and voice call your friends in party chat


The Party Chat feature in the PS5 game library lets you chat with friends via voice chat or text.Once you've created a party on PS5 and added your friends, they'll be able to receive text messages from you and you'll be able to communicate with them.

With Control Center open, navigate to Game Base.From the popup that appears, you can create a new message to send to your friends or create a party so you can share your screen with your friends and have a voice call with them.

If your friends have the PS app, they'll get a notification on their phone when you message them.

The PS5 is more than just a gaming console

When you think about it, the PS5 is really just a powerful computer.Granted, it's made for gaming, but the only thing preventing it from being a full-fledged desktop is its limited operating system.

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