How to Hide and Lock Hidden Albums in Mac's Photos App

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One of the most important features Apple has focused on is privacy.The company wants you to feel that all your personal data and files are safe on all your Apple devices, and your MacBook is no exception.

That means the photos you've saved in the hidden albums in the Photos app are already safe.But if you want to use an extra layer of protection, you can hide or lock your photo album, so you're the only one with access.Here, we'll tell you how.


How to Hide Your Hidden Albums on Mac

By default, "Hidden Album" appears in the left menu of the "Photos" application.While this makes it easily accessible, it also means anyone can take a peek at all your private photos or videos.

So if you want to hide your hidden album, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Photos app.

2. Click View on the menu bar.

3. Select Hide Hidden Albums.


Doing so will automatically make your hidden album disappear from the sidebar, making it harder to access.But if you need to see hidden albums again, just click View > Show Hidden Albums.

How to Lock Hidden Albums on Your Mac

Learning how to hide your photo roll is just one of the tricks to mastering the Photos app on your Mac.But to make your hidden album even more secure, you can lock it.

Next to the hidden album in the sidebar, you should see an open padlock icon.Click it, and your Mac will lock your hidden photo album.From now on, you can only use Touch ID or enter your Mac's passcode to unlock it.

However, some people may not have seen this option in the first place.If this is the case, go to Photos > Settings from the menu bar.Now, make sure you're in the "General" tab, and tick the "Use Touch ID or passcode" option next to Privacy.


Keep your private photos hidden and locked

Using the "Hidden Album" in the "Photos" app is a great way to keep all your private content safe from prying eyes.It's also a great way to start using photo albums to organize your photos.

By using these tips we just mentioned, you will make your photos more protected, and you can rest assured that you will be the only one who can find and access them.

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