4 of the best bionic reading tools to help you read faster

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Reading is one of the most stimulating activities anyone can engage in.It doesn't matter if you're reading for study or pleasure.Whatever the reason, there are times when we wish we could read faster.

Fast reading is important when you have a lot of pages to read before a test, or when the review of a book club is just around the corner.If you find yourself in these situations, this article is for you.We'll review the best tools to help you complete these pages in record time without missing a beat.


What is bionic reading, and why is it important?

Bionic reading is a speed-reading technique that highlights different parts of a word as your main focus as you read.That way, your brain isn't as focused on reading whole words as it is with normal text.Instead, it highlights the first letter of each word, so your eye will focus on those letters and your brain will understand.

Unlike other speed reading methods that require training or a time investment, Bionic Reading is designed to be as natural as regular reading.Currently, bionic reading lacks enough evidence to prove its effectiveness.However, many users say it helps them absorb more information faster.Conversely, some users found no difference in reading speed when using this method.

4 of the best bionic reading tools to help you read faster

Often called Bionic Reading Converters, these Bionic Reading Tools come in the form of web browser extensions or mobile apps on Android and iOS.The Bionic Reading app remains one of the top tools, as it offers all three formats - however, we'll also be considering other great alternatives.

Now that we've discussed Bionic Reading and why you should be using it, let's take a look at the best Bionic Reading tools to help you read faster.

1. Bionic Reading


Bionic Readingis a free application that you can download on your device.It also has a free web browser extension.This tool has a clean and straightforward interface, as well as various methods of providing text for speed reading.

For one, you can type your text directly into the space provided.Doing so will convert your text from normal format to enhanced format for you to read.Alternatively, you can upload any file of your choice. Bionic Reading supports a variety of file formats, including Document and EPUB.Finally, you can enter a URL and the app converts it to bionic format.

There are different settings on the Bionic app to customize your reading experience.It allows you to choose which letters and syllables to focus on when reading.Additionally, Bionic Reading lets you choose which background color to read on.

One of the many advantages of this tool is that you can download the converted material to your device in PDF or EPUB format.You can also send it to your Amazon Kindle.That way, you always have an enhanced copy of your text wherever you are.Another outstanding feature of Bionic Reading is that it does not change the layout of the text.Paragraphs, font size, and spacing all remain the same.

Download: Bionic Reading for Android | iOS | Website URL (free)

2. Bionify

Although Bionify is an extension for Google Chrome, it's a free app that doesn't collect your data when you use it.You must install and manage the extension from the Chrome Web Store to use Bionify.After downloading, you have to pin it in the extension bar. Bionify only works on your current page, and you can turn it off at any time.

Like Bionic Reading, Bionify highlights the first letter or syllable of each word, depending on the length of that word.Doing this will help you focus on the bold parts of the words while your brain fills in the blanks as you read.Currently, this software cannot be used for downloaded files such as PDF files.It applies strictly to web pages and does not change the layout of the page or any other functionality on the page.

Website: Bionify (free)

3. BioRead


BioRead is another great bionic reading converter.It can highlight concise parts of a word.This emphasis helps your eyes through the text, making you read your material more quickly. BioRead allows you to import eBooks and PDF files.

Also, it allows you to paste text or website pages.These converted files are automatically saved in the BioRead app, so you can access them anytime.You can also customize text font size, spacing, and text and background colors to suit your tastes.

Available on Android devices, BioRead has a free version, but its subscription plan gives you full access to all its features.Subscription plans are $8.99 per week, $10.99 per month, and $45.99 per year.

Download: BioRead for Android (Free, subscription available)

4. Spreeder


Spreeder works like other bionic reading software, bolding the first letter or syllable of a word.Unlike most speed-reading apps, however, it's loaded with features to enhance your Bionic reading experience.Professional experts are on hand to provide you with the necessary instruction and training sessions to master this technology.

These coaches help you practice speed reading, train and control eye movements, and eliminate bad reading habits such as subvocalation and regression.With Spreeder, you can provide text in over a dozen ebook and file formats, such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or Docx.Additionally, you can set the number of words and lines per reading. Spreeder also lets you set pages to move at a natural reading speed or at a speed you choose.

Like BioRead, you can save any text you convert to a cloud library. Spreeder will sync the books across all your devices and allow you to pick up where you left off, even on the go.You can also customize your page fonts, spacing and colors.

Spreeder has a free web version and a subscription-based version called Spreeder VIP. The VIP version is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac, starting at $7 a month. Spreeder also offers a 7-day free trial to help you decide if it's the best bionic reading app for you.

Download: Spreeder for Android | iOS | Windows (Subscriptions start at $9)

The future of bionic reading

Obviously, bionic reading is an emerging concept that not many people are used to.However, the existence of these useful tools makes it easier for novices to explore the field.As you can see, the tools highlighted in this article are specifically designed for bionic reading.Each has unique features and subscription plans that you should consider before making your choice.

Another important factor to be aware of is unique conditions, such as dyslexia or ADHD.People with these disorders can see a clear difference between normal text and bionic text, thus defeating the whole purpose of bionic reading tools.

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