How to Set Bedtime Mode or Sleep Mode on Android

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One of the big downsides of smartphones is their constant distraction throughout the day.Worse, if you don't have your notifications set up properly, your phone will keep buzzing even when you're sleeping.

That's why you should set sleep mode on your phone to reduce all unnecessary distractions while you sleep.Available on almost all Android phones -- though it varies slightly depending on the brand you're using -- it's a snap to set it up.Follow this guide to learn how to set it up.


Why you should use sleep mode on your phone

If you're addicted to your smartphone, you probably get hundreds of notifications in a typical 24-hour period.This is fine during the day, but such notifications can become frustrating at night while sleeping.

At the end of the day, you want to sleep peacefully and not be disturbed by unwanted notifications.However, if you don't want to completely shut down your phone, you can put it in bedtime mode, which blocks all such notifications.

Why not just put your phone on silent?With sleep or bedtime mode, you can set notifications for selected contacts and repeat calls to go through.This can be handy in the event of an emergency and your loved ones are trying to reach you.


Just like your sleep schedule, your phone can go into sleep mode when you sleep.And to save battery life, you can turn off the always-on display, enable dark mode, reduce the brightness of the screen, and more.For your health, you must use your phone's sleep or bedtime mode at night.

How to Set Bedtime Mode on Google Pixel Phones

It's easy to set bedtime mode on a Google Pixel phone.It's part of Digital Wellbeing and even includes cough and snore detection.

1. Open the Settings menu, scroll down and select Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.

2. Tap Bedtime Mode to set this function.

3. According to your preference, enable/disable the "Do Not Disturb" switch of "Sleep Mode".If enabled, you will only receive calls from star contacts and repeat callers.

4. Tap "Next" and enter a schedule for "Bedtime" to automatically trigger.You can set the pattern to not trigger on certain days of the week.Alternatively, you can also automatically trigger Bedtime Mode when your phone charges after a certain amount of time.To do this, select the "On while charging" option.

5. Give Digital Wellbeing access to your app usage and sensor data to get a snapshot of your sleeping habits.




6. You can also enable cough and snore detection.The feature will use your Pixel phone's microphone to detect your snoring and coughing when the scheduled bedtime mode is active.

You can also customize bedtime mode in other ways:

In the "Bedtime Mode" settings under "Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls," scroll down and tap "Customize" to expand its card.From there, you can set Bedtime Mode to automatically turn off when the next alarm goes off.

If you want to turn off the always-on display, enable a dark theme, and change the screen to grayscale, you can customize it within the bedtime screen options.This way, you can extend your phone's battery life while you sleep.

Another way to set bedtime mode on a Pixel phone is to use the Google Clock app.The setup process is slightly different, but you basically have access to the same options.

When bedtime mode is active, your phone also tracks your time in bed, distractions and screen time during your designated sleep times, and more.This data can be found in Settings > Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls > Bedtime Mode.

How to Set Sleep Mode on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung has its own implementation of the bedtime mode called Sleep Mode.It's part of "patterns" and "routines" that let you automate certain actions based on triggers.

1. Navigate to Settings > Mode and General.Tap Sleep Mode.

2. Tap "Start" and enter your sleep schedule, including dates and your usual sleep and wake times.You can also set a wake-up alarm, though there is also an option to skip it.Select Next when finished.

3. Enable the "Do Not Disturb" feature to silence incoming calls, notifications, and other alerts.You can set exceptions for notifications from certain apps, incoming calls, and messages from your favorite or pre-designated contacts.

4. Click "Next" to proceed further.You can then set your Galaxy phone to turn on grayscale, dark mode, eye comfort shields and power saving mode, and change the volume level.After selecting the options you want, press "Done".




Sleep mode will now automatically turn on and off at scheduled times on your Galaxy phone.You can customize your phone's wallpaper in sleep mode from "Settings" > "Mode and routines" > "Sleep".

Samsung's sleep mode is a little more powerful, as it allows you to limit the apps you can use.If you're distracted by certain games or apps on your phone before bed, you can set your Galaxy phone to prevent it from turning on when sleep mode is active.

Additionally, you can use "Sleep Mode" in "Patterns" and "Programs" as a trigger to run certain actions, like putting the phone in battery saver mode, enabling some accessibility features, and more.

If you have a Galaxy Watch paired with a Samsung phone, you can set its sleep mode to sync with your phone.That way, your phone and watch will automatically minimize the distraction of incoming notifications while you sleep.

Have a restful sleep with "Sleep Mode" on Android

For your mental health, you should set bedtime or sleep mode on your Android phone.Interrupting your sleep with unwanted notifications is frustrating and bad for your health.Plus, sleep and bedtime modes are better than putting your phone in airplane mode because they still allow important notifications to come through.

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