How to create a unique movie wallpaper from your photos on Android

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There are many different ways to make your Android home and lock screens look fresh.The easiest way is to change the wallpaper.However, static wallpapers can get boring.A more exciting option is video wallpaper, or better yet, movie wallpaper.

This wikiHow will show you how to create a movie wallpaper using the new built-in feature on Pixel devices and other Android 14 phones.


How to Create and Set a Movie Wallpaper on Your Android Phone

Movie wallpapers are one of the AI-powered features for Android that Google announced at I/O 2023.Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, the feature can turn any picture into a cinematic 3D picture that feels alive.But there is a problem.

As of June 2023, you'll only be able to use the feature on select Pixel phones.Movie wallpapers will be widely available to all smartphone models starting with Android 6.However, the feature was added to the Pixel lineup as part of Google's June 14 feature rollout.

So if you haven't updated your Pixel yet, go to Settings > System > System Update, check for the latest update, and install it.

Afterwards, follow these steps to create and use a movie wallpaper:

1. Unlock your device, once on the home screen, tap and hold anywhere to open the custom popup.

2. Select a wallpaper and style.This will open the "Settings" app.

3. On the next page, select Change Wallpaper > My Photos.




4. Next, select the source of the photo, then select the picture you like.Your device will take you to the wallpaper customization page.

5. Tap the visual effects icon next to the Set wallpaper button.

6. After that, switch to Create Movie Wallpaper in the pop-up window.It may take some time for your device to give the image a cinematic feel.

7. Finally, click "Set wallpaper" on the top right to use the movie image you generated as your wallpaper.In the dialog, you can choose to use the movie wallpaper as your home screen, or as both your home and lock screen.




Next time you turn on your device, you'll see a cool animation.

Bring your home and lock screens to life with cinematic wallpapers

Static wallpapers are a standard option on all Android phones.If you want to spice up your device, you can do it with 3D wallpapers.

As long as you have the feature, you can add a cinematic effect to any still image and bring your device to life.It works best with images that have the main focus, so we recommend experimenting with them before you settle on one.

However, the feature has limited availability as of this writing, and we recommend installing a live wallpaper app if you want something similar.

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