How to Transfer Contacts from Old Android Phone to New Android Phone

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If you change your phone for various reasons, you are likely to lose theContact, they may be your relatives and friends, or important business partners.forAndroid equipment, theContactMoving from an old phone to a new phone is not a difficult task.

How to transfer contacts from one android to another android

Use your Google Account

 The easiest way to transfer contacts is to use your Google Account. your old Android On your device, open the Settings app and tapaccount".

The settings menu on an Android device, listing many different options. "Account" is highlighted.
                                                              Open your Account menu. 

2.Choose the Google Account you plan to use on your new Android.

3.ClickAccount synchronizationOrSync Account.

A black page listing an email address and an option titled "Account Sync."
                                                        Depending on your device, this may be called "Account Sync" or "Sync Account". 

4.On the page that opens, make sure it's enabledContact.This will ensure that all of your phone's contacts are saved to your Google account.

list of options. The Contacts option is highlighted.
                                                                                   Toggle the "Contacts" option. 

Even if this is a success, when you log into that Google Account on the new Android phone, all your contacts will appear on the new Android phone.

Use an electronic business card

vCards — also known as .VCF files — are packets of data specifically designed to carry contact information.Almost every phone can read them, which makes them great for moving your contacts.

1.On your old Android device, open the Contacts app.

2.Click the three dots in the upper right corner, then click the fullselected.

Android screen with drop down menu.The "Select All" option in this drop-down menu is highlighted.
                                                                                       Select all contacts at once. 

3.Click on the share icon, it looks like three dots, connect them with a line.Your contacts will be compiled into a single .VCF file.

An Android page with the Android share icon highlighted.
                                                                                  The share icon is at the top of the screen. 

4.Select the location to send the .VCF file to.You can choose any option you like, as long as you can access the file later on the new Android, but we recommend emailing it to yourself.

5.On your new Android, download the .VCF file.

6.In your new Android Files application -- it might be called Google Docs, Google Docs, or something similar -- find and open the .VCF file.

7. SystemYou will be asked if you want to import contacts.clickBeOrdetermine. 

A highlighted .VCF file behind a popup asking the user if they want to "Import Contacts from vCard". The "OK" option is also highlighted.
                                                                 Find and import your vCard file. 

It's very convenient and your contacts will appear on your new phone.

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