5 Android GPS Camera Apps to Watermark Your Photos With Location

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Do you often look at a photo and wonder where you took it?Most camera apps have an option to store a photo's location in metadata, but it's not so easy to figure out the location from this hidden information.


This is where GPS camera apps come in, as they allow you to put a location watermark on your photos for all to see.So let's take a look at some of the best GPS camera apps for Android.

1. SpotLens


At first glance,SpotLensSeems like a camera app designed for certain industries.However, it's just as useful for casual use.It lets you put various GPS information, including your location, on your photos as a watermark.

In addition to a written address, it can also input GPS coordinates, which can pinpoint your location exactly.In addition, SpotLens also allows you to add annotations to photos, helping you capture moments visually and textually.

Download: SpotLens (free)

2. Auto GPS Map Camera


Auto GPS Map Camera offers useful features like geotagging and time stamping, both of which help you record the location of your photos.When you snap a photo, the app automatically puts location data on it, with a watermark that looks a lot like a snippet on Google Maps.

You can also add custom information on your images, including annotations.Also, the app has a pretty decent camera with all the necessary tools like flash, timer, support for manual focus, and more.

Download: Auto GPS Map Camera (Free, with in-app purchases)

3. GPS Camera Lite


GPS Camera Lite adds detailed location watermarks to your photos and videos, showing coordinates, date and time, altitude, address, GMT time and more relevant information.On this basis, you can add annotations and record more data.

GPS Camera Lite also has a compass for navigation that you can add to your images, making this app an ideal travel companion if you're often on the road.Other than that, its watermark is the most aesthetically pleasing of all the apps on this list.

Download: GPS Camera Lite (Free, with in-app purchases)

4. Timestamp Camera


Timestamp Camera will automatically add date, time and location to your images.You can also add a compass on your photos, along with your annotations.It supports watermarking of images and videos.

Also, it has a lot of options in its settings to change the appearance of the watermark by adjusting the margins, changing the font color, reducing the opacity, and more.

Additionally, the app supports saving photos and videos to external locations like SD cards in case you're running low on storage.

Download: Timestamp Camera (free)

5. Auto GPS Cam


In addition to automatically adding the usual GPS information, Auto GPS Cam also lets you add other custom data to photos.You can customize the watermark -- or the app calls it a stamp -- however you like.

Auto GPS Cam lets you capture images and videos at the same time, adjust the aspect ratio, turn the flashlight on or off, change the focus for a clearer image, and more.Also, you can add flags, addresses, maps, notes, coordinates, altitude and weather on its watermark.

Download: Auto GPS Cam (Free, with in-app purchases)

Track where your photos were taken

GPS camera apps are multipurpose tools that can be very helpful when traveling to record the location of every photo you take.You can even add annotations to your photos to remember those moments forever.

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