How to Send Files Directly to Kindle from Microsoft Word

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you areKindlelovers?There are so many things to love.However, if you don't want to spend money to buy a copy that can be downloaded for free on the InternetKindlebook, what should I do?Or maybe you want to read a novel your friend wrote, but don't want to scroll through a giant PDF or MS Word file to read it.

Fortunately, you can easily convert any text from MS Word to a Kindle book and enjoy the benefits of Amazon's popular e-reader.We'll show you how.


How to Send Documents from Word to Your Kindle

There are many reasons why you might want an Amazon Kindle.They include functionality, simple design and operation.They also give you instant access to countless books at your fingertips.And they're highly customizable, including the ability to show your reading progress and turn on dark mode to suit your preferences.

Sending a book from Word to Kindle is very simple and quickly converts your text into a format that the Kindle can display.First copy and paste your text intoMicrosoft Wordin.

1. Open the file you want to exportMicrosoft Wordfile.

2. Click File and select Export.If you have a Mac, click on "File", then go to "Sharing".

3. Select Send to Kindle.

4. On the "How do you want to read your files" screen, choose Like a Kindle Book or Like a Printed Document.

5. If prompted, log in to your Amazon account.

6. Click "Send".


Select "Like a Kindle Book" to adjust the eBook's font size and page layout, just like a Kindle book you buy directly from Amazon.Select "Like a printed document" to keep the page layout and formatting intact.

What are the requirements for sending Microsoft Word files to Kindle?

You can send books from Microsoft Word to any Amazon Kindle device.You need at least Windows 10 or 11, and you also need a Microsoft 365 subscription.

To send files, you need to use text with simple formatting.If your text already has more complex formatting (such as embedded tables and other elements), select the option like printing the file when exporting.This option also allows you to write directly on the page, although you'll need a Kindle Scribe to do it.

Read Microsoft Word documents on your Kindle

If you're interested in the classics, you probably know that many works are in the public domain.In other words, they're free, though you might find Kindle versions for a few bucks.

Instead, copy text from the internet, paste it into a Word document, and send it to your Kindle.In just a few steps, you can read great books for free.Happy reading.

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