How to use Storage Sense on Windows 11

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Running out of storage space on your computer can be very frustrating.Insufficient disk space can degrade system performance and prevent new programs from being installed.When this happens, you will have to go through your files and programs to decide what to delete from your system.

On Windows 10 and 11, though, you don't have to bother with this at all, a program called Storage Sense's built-in features can help you deal with these annoyances.

Storage Senseis a built-in feature of Windows 10 and 11 that enables you to efficiently manage storage on your computer. Storage Sense will automatically free up space by deleting unnecessary temporary files.

With Storage Sense, you can even manage local cloud content associated with your Microsoft OneDrive account.What makes Storage Sense even better is that you can set custom rules to define how you want files to be stored (or deleted), and when they are allowed to be copied.This powerful system utility makes Windows even more perfect.

How to Windows 11 set storage sense on

To better manage your disk space, you need to configure Storage Sense on your system.Slightly different from Windows 10, let's see how this is done:

1. From the Start menu, search for "Settings" and select the best match.

2. Select System from the sidebar, then select the Storage tab.


3. Under "Storage Management", click the toggle button for "Storage Sense" to enable it.


4. Now select Storage Sense and you can set custom rules to manage your disk space.You can choose when Windows should run Storage Sense, how often it should delete files from the Recycle Bin and Downloads folders, and more.

5. After all settings are complete, click Run Storage Sense Now.

Some temporary files on your computer, including old Windows update files, consume a lot of storage space, so you should clean them up frequently, but for various reasons, you'll likely forget about it soon enough.Use Storage Sense to automatically manage the storage space on your computer and keep your computer clean, which will greatly reduce the hassle of manually cleaning your computer.




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