How to create an invoice in Google Docs

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Invoices are great for keeping a paper trail of your transactions.Whether you want to create an invoice because someone asked for it, or you want to take your records and financial tracking more seriously, Invoice can help you better manage your invoicing process.

Creating an invoice might seem like a complicated task, but it doesn't have to be.Google Docs gives you the opportunity to easily create your own invoices in just a few steps.Here we will tell you how to do it.


How to Make an Invoice From Scratch in Google Docs

If you're ready to streamline your currency records, you can create professional invoices.There are no invoice templates available in Google Docs, but you can still create a custom invoice.To create your own invoice templates, you just need to explore some of the tools and features in Google Docs.

Step 1: Insert header

Your invoice will need a header with important details like the date, address, invoice number and your name or company name.To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go toGoogle Docs.

2. Open a blank document.


3. Click "Insert", enter "Table", and add a 2x2 cell table.


4. In the upper left cell, insert the company logo.


5. In the upper right cell, insert the invoice number and date.

6. In the lower left cell, insert the address of the sender of the invoice.

7. In the lower right cell, insert the address of the recipient of the invoice.

8. Go to "Format", select "Table", and then go to the "Table" properties.


9. Under Color, set Table Border Width to zero.


10. Adjust the background color of the cell according to your taste.

Step 2: Insert a table for invoice items

Next, you need to set up a dedicated section for your invoice items.To add this section, follow these steps:

1. Go to "Insert", then click on "Table" and insert the number of cells required for your invoice.For example, if you only need cells for item description and amount, you will have two horizontal cells, and the vertical cell you need.


2. Fill in your items, and the amount attached to each item.

3. Add your total amount at the bottom of the form.

Easily create invoices with Google Docs

You don't have to worry about keeping your billing records anymore.Fortunately, the instructions in this article will help you create professional invoices from your Google Docs account.

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