How to Set an iPhone Alarm That Only Vibrates

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Usually, your iPhone's alarm clock needs to be loud enough to ensure you wake up in the morning.But in some cases, you might prefer your iPhone alarm to only vibrate.For example, when you share a room with other people, or if your alarm clock rings off-puttingly.

So let's take a look at how to set a vibrate-only alarm on your iPhone.


How to Set an iPhone Alarm That Only Vibrates

In iOS's native Clock app, setting an alarm that only vibrates is straightforward.So follow these steps to set a silent vibrating iPhone alarm with no ringtone:

1. Open the Clock app.Tap the Add Alarm (+) icon or an existing alarm to edit it.

2. Tap Sound.Scroll down and select None as your ringtone.

3. Scroll up and tap Vibrate.

4. Select your preferred vibration pattern from the standard list.




5. Alternatively, to have your own custom vibration, click Create new vibration.Tap and release your finger on the iPhone screen to create a vibration pattern.Then, click Stop and Save when you're done.If your iPhone doesn't vibrate at all during this process, you'll need to enable System Haptics, Vibrate, and Play Haptics in the Settings app.

6. After selecting vibration, click Sound > Return to return to the alarm clock page.

7. Tap Save to confirm your alarm time and settings.

If your alarm activates but doesn't vibrate at the time you set, double check that you have System Haptic, Vibrate, and Play Haptic turned on.

Unfortunately, there's currently no way to increase the intensity of your iPhone's alarm vibrations.

Get gentler reminders with a vibrating iPhone alarm clock

Your iPhone alarm volume is the same as any incoming call alerts.Since almost all the default tones in the iPhone are fairly loud, fast, or cheerful, the sound of the alarm clock can sometimes feel rather harsh.However, by making your iPhone's alarm clock only vibrate, it can serve as a gentler alarm for any task you want to undertake.

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