How to Set Multiple Custom Pictures as Your Mac's Screensaver

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While the default Mac screensavers aren't bad, you can do better with custom pictures.We'll show you how to create your own array of screensavers to add to macOS.This way, you can theme your screensaver with all the available styles of macOS.

Once you have the picture ready, it's pretty simple.So just follow the steps we've outlined in this guide.


Add your pictures to a folder

If you don't use your photos in the Photos app, you should collect all your pictures into one folder.

Once you've collected your images, organize them into a folder in Finder.You should probably put it somewhere easy to find like your desktop, documents or downloads.


If you find yourself making multiple folders of screensavers, you should create a master folder and put all of them in there.

Set screen saver in system settings

Now that your pictures folder is ready, it's time to choose your screen saver style in the system settings.Please follow the instructions below:

1. Launch System Settings and navigate to Screensaver in the left pane.

2. Choose any style you like, from floats to vintage prints.Either of these will work with your folder.

3. Click Options, select the Source drop-down menu, and click Select Folder. (Select Photo Library if you want iCloud-backed images from the Photos app).


4. When the Finder window opens, navigate to your folder and click Select.


Now, no matter what style you choose, it will default to the folder you chose.And if you want the pictures in your folder to appear in the order they are arranged, please turn off the toggle function of shuffling slide order in the screen saver options menu.

Expand your screensaver collection at any time

Adding to your collection is as simple as downloading new images from the internet and adding them to a designated folder.For those of you using iCloud Photos, just go ahead and take pictures on your iPhone; once they're synced, they'll appear in your screensaver image.

While the styles are a bit limited, it's still a decent enough collection of slideshow animations that you should be able to find one that works for you.

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