How to use Together Mode in Microsoft Teams and share the same background throughout the call

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icrosoft Teams' "Together Mode" is great for making meetings more engaging. Together Mode puts everyone's video feed on a shared virtual background, so it looks like you're actually sitting in the same room. It makes for interesting visuals.

Together mode on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android Microsoft Teams available in.Below is a simple tutorial.

How to turn on Microsoft Teams together mode

To turn on Together Mode, you need to have at least four people on the same call.It supports up to 49 people.You also need to be running the latest version of Teams - make sure your app is updated.

on a Mac or PC

1.Open Microsoft Teams and join the call.It doesn't matter whether you're a host or an "attendee".

2.Click on the top right cornerthe three pointsAnd selectTogether mode (preview).If you don't see this option, your app may not be updated or you may not have enough people on the call.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Teams app with the Together Mode option highlighted.
                                          Enable together mode. 

3.The screen will move to reveal the virtual background, with everyone's video feed on top.As people join and leave the call, it zooms in to accommodate everyone.

Together mode in Microsoft Teams.
                                                               Everyone who opens the video will appear in the background. 

4.If you want to turn off "Together Mode", click the three dots again and select "Gallery".

By default, the background will be a stone amphitheater, but you can click theChange the sceneto change it.There are more than a dozen options, each of which arranges video sources in a different way.

A menu that lets you choose a new background for the Together mode in Microsoft Teams.
                                                                 There are various backgrounds. 

Turning on Together mode only turns it on for yourself, but changing the background will change everyone who uses Together mode.

on iPhone or Android

1.Open the Microsoft Teams app and join the call.You can be a host or an "attendee".

2.Click at the bottom of the screenthe three pointsAnd selectConference view.

The options menu in the Microsoft Teams iPhone app, with the Meeting View option highlighted.
                                                                   Click "Meeting View". 

3.Clicktogether mode.If you don't see this option, you don't have enough calls.

4.The screen will move and a "Together Mode" background will appear, with each participant's video feed in a different location.As people join and leave the call, it zooms in to accommodate everyone.

Together mode in the Microsoft Teams iPhone app.
                                                               You can rotate the phone to rotate the visual effect. 

5.If you want to turn off the together mode, select the meeting view again and clickA galleryOrbig gallery.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the Together mode background in the mobile app.But like the desktop version, turning Together mode on or off for yourself won't affect anyone else.

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