7 Fun and Entertaining Movie Sites for Movie Fans

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If you like movies and TV shows, you'll find something.These sites provide endless entertainment for movie buffs, such as telling you where they were filmed, what cars or products were used in them, checking "true story" facts, and even reviewing all the fake or fictional movies and shows seen in the movies to catalog.


1. History vs. Hollywood (Web): How authentic are movies based on true stories?


Hollywood likes to promote a movie by saying it's "based on a true story."Often, however, there is more fiction than fact. History vs. Hollywood reviews all English-language movies for historical and factual accuracy, especially when it comes to movies that feature real events or people.

For most movies, History vs. Hollywood starts by comparing the actors to the real people involved, providing side-by-side photos so you can see how similar or different they look, and providing dates of birth for age comparisons.The piece then discusses points where the film deviates from reality, whether it be characters, events, or scenes dramatized for cinematic effect.All in all, you'll get a pretty good idea of ​​what's real and what's not.

The site makes it easy to browse these movies by genre (Horror, Gangster, Sports, War, Drama, Crime, Music, Comedy, and TV Shows).On the sidebar, you'll also find a full list of all the movies they've researched.

2. playphrase.me (Web): Find any phrase or line in a movie


PlayPhrase can find video clips of movies on the Internet for any phrase you enter.Incredibly, the site only takes the part where one character says that phrase, and then goes to a completely different movie where another character is saying the same phrase.

You can enter an original phrase in the box at the bottom, or browse the database for the most common phrases.The site plays the video continuously, but you can pause it at any time.If you log in with your Patreon id, you can also save video clips as favorites for later use.Note that this is not a paid Patreon account.

PlayPhrase's settings let you tweak things like how and when to display subtitles, when to translate phrases, and when to display a list of the most frequently used phrases.If you want to know a certain line someone said in a movie, you can link it to a friend, it's like sending a GIF reaction, but in video form, it's a fun site.

3. Product Placement Blog (Web): All products promoted in movies and TV shows


A hero uses an Apple Watch.The couple in a romantic movie bump into each other at a Starbucks.All the characters of a show have a soft spot for Subway sandwiches.Brands have been using these subtle ways to promote their products in movies and TV shows, known as product placement.It's so common and ubiquitous that you might not even notice it.But here the folks at Product Placement Blog point out every instance where this tactic is used on screen.

The catalog has over 80,000 product placement cases across movies, TV shows and music videos, all curated with care.You can do a quick search for a brand, product, or video, and bloggers will give you a list of all the instances where they've used product placement.In most cases, this includes screenshots of product placement, and a short description of how it was placed.

You can browse the blog by alphabetizing movies, TV shows or animations.You can also browse by tags like brand names or product categories like sneakers.We recommend starting by searching for a movie you like, and you can see how brands are advertising right under your nose without knowing it.


Filmmakers spend a lot of time scouting locations to find the perfect spot to shoot a scene, be it indoors or out.It's a combination of storytelling and evoking a response from the audience, who will think, "Wow, this is amazing, where is this?" Where Filmed has all the answers.

The site matches on-screen settings to actual filming locations.Search for a movie or browse the library and you'll get an article with all the information about it.Typically, Where Filmed shows screenshots of the film alongside photos of the actual location side by side.It also mentions which scene it is, and briefly describes where the place is located.Sometimes, you'll also find movie tidbits related to the place.Of course, there is also a geolocation pin if you want to explore the place on Google Maps.

Where Filmed tries to include all the cool locations from the movie, but it's not always comprehensive.That said, if you don't find the location for the scene you're looking for, keep in mind that it probably isn't real: filmmakers today can create some amazingly realistic visuals in the studio and in visual effects.

5. IMCDB (Web): Internet movie car database, including every car in the movie


The Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDB) is a comprehensive library of every car, bicycle, truck, or other vehicle used in any movie.It's a paradise for car lovers and movie junkies who have seen car or bike movies like the Fast and the Furious series.

Open a movie's page and you'll see screenshots of all the cars used in it, along with make and model.These screenshots are crowdsourced and voted on, and the enthusiastic community often includes passing non-essential cars.If you want to see cars that are integral to the plot, you can sort the list by importance.

Of course, IMCDB can also be used in reverse, where you can search for a car's make and model to see which movies it was used in.It might be cool to see a movie character driving your car, right? IMCDB also has an active forum.If you feel like a car expert, go through the list of unidentified cars and bikes and try to label them.

6. nestflix (Web): Fictional movies and shows as seen in the movies and shows


Movies and TV shows sometimes have their characters watch fictional broadcasts on-screen. Nestflix has a collection of more than 700 of these "movies within movies," presented in a fun Netflix-esque interface.

From the fictional "Simple Jack" in "Tropic Thunder" to various fake movies in franchises like "30 Cent Rock," the site does an excellent job of amassing the content.Each fake movie has actors, directors, descriptions, where to see it, and some screenshots. Nestflix doesn't have the video clip itself, probably due to copyright issues.But for the most part, you can get the clip on YouTube if you want to watch it.

7. Hollywood Age Gap (Web): The real age difference of romantic partners in movies


Hollywood Age Gap, another site from the creator of Nestflix, provides hard data on an oft-discussed issue in the film industry: the disproportionate age gap between romantic couples.Hollywood movies are often criticized for pairing older actors with younger actresses, and this site explores the issue through a beautiful interface.

By default, it shows age gaps from largest to smallest.Each card has the title of the movie, its director, the year it was released, the two actors and their ages, and the number of years between them.You can quickly search for movies, actors or directors to filter the list.

Not justIMDb...

As these sites prove, the internet's love of movies is more than one site can cover.andIMDbSo is it, which has become the default resource for looking up details about a movie or TV series.But even so, you should know that there are some excellent free alternatives to IMDb that arguably do a better job.

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