How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Kindle

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If you're a Kindle owner, you have the flexibility to adjust every aspect of your device's display to suit your personal tastes and preferences.Fonts are one of the most important display considerations, and Amazon offers a decent selection of fonts out-of-the-box for your Kindle e-reader.


However, it's also possible to install additional fonts on your Kindle if you want more options.Here's how to do it.

What pre-installed fonts does your Kindle come with?


Whether you own a Kindle e-reader, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, or the innovative Kindle Scribe, fonts already come pre-installed on your device.

Kindle e-reader owners have been able to add custom fonts to their devices since the Kindle released firmware 2018 in 5.9.6.If you have a Kindle Paperwhite 2 or later, you can access Kindle Custom Fonts.First check that your Kindle's firmware is up to date by going to All Settings > Device Options > Device Information.

according toAmazon websiteCheck the firmware with the information on and update it if necessary.

Where can you find fonts installed on your Kindle?

If you want to install a different font, you'll need to find and download it elsewhere.You can choose a font that you already have installed on your computer, or download it from a third-party website.There are many platforms where you can get free fonts, including:

Google Fonts,


Font Squirrel,


However, make sure that the font you choose is OpenType (OTF) or TrueType (TTF), as these are the only font types supported by the Kindle.

How to Install Fonts on Your Kindle

Adding fonts to your Kindle is a simple process.Once you find the font you want to use, download it to your computer and make sure you unzip the file.

Connect your Kindle to your computer via a USB cable, open File Explorer or Finder, and your Kindle will appear like any external drive.

Find the Fonts folder on your Kindle and drag and drop or copy and paste your font files.Just copy the font file and any changes like italic or bold.You don't need any extra files you might find in that folder, like the license agreement.


Once you're done pasting all the fonts you want, you can safely disconnect your Kindle from your computer.

How to Choose a Custom Font on the Kindle

To select a custom font of your choice, open a book and tap the top of the screen.On the menu that appears, tap Aa to access Display Settings.

Click Fonts > Font Family, and your custom font should appear as an option you can choose from.You'll also see options to change the thickness and size for further customization.


Once you've made your selection, tap anywhere on the top half of the screen to exit the menu and see your new font.Now, whenever you choose your custom font, it will show up in your book, unless a specific font selection has been set as the default or "hardcoded" into the eBook file by the publisher.

Enjoy Your Books More With Kindle Custom Fonts

Now you can freely configure your book's fonts to get the most out of your reading sessions.

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