How to change your wallpaper in Brave

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BraveKnown for its focus on user privacy and security.But that doesn't mean it's not user-friendly or lacks personalization options.BraveThere is a high level of customization, including the ability to change the browser's wallpaper.

Want to change the wallpaper in your browser?Here we'll take a look at how you can change Brave's wallpaper on desktop and mobile.


How to Change Brave's Desktop Wallpaper

If you don't like Brave's default wallpaper, you can easily change it to one of your favorite images.Or, if you want to be more practical, you can take a screenshot of your to-do list and use it as a reminder every time you open a new tab.

Either way, here's how you can change Brave's wallpaper on your computer:

1. Click the three-line icon in the upper right corner to open the browser menu and enter the settings.

2. There, from the left pane, select New Tab.

3. Open a new tab and select Dashboard from the drop-down menu next to Display.


4. Click "Customize New Tab Page".

5. Make sure you enable the toggle next to "Show background image".

6. To upload one of your pictures, tap the Upload tile from device.


Alternatively, you can set one of the brave pictures as your wallpaper.Click on Brave backgrounds until you find an image you like.Alternatively, you can set your wallpaper to be a solid color or a gradient, if that suits your preferences.


How to change Brave's wallpaper on your phone

Better privacy protections and a faster browsing experience are just a few of the reasons why Brave is popular and why people are starting to use it on their phones.If Brave is now the default browser on your phone, here's how you can change its wallpaper:

1. Click the three-dot icon in the lower right corner to enter the settings.

2. From Display, select New Tab.

3. Use the toggle to customize Brave's wallpaper.



While there aren't as many options, you can still give the new tab a neat look by turning off Brave stats or stopping the browser from displaying sponsored images.

Easily change Brave's wallpaper

The steps above should guide you through the process of customizing your Brave wallpaper.Now you can customize any image or photo you like as a Brave wallpaper.

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