How to connect a PS5 controller to your Steam Deck

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Steam deckis a fantastic handheld console, especially for PC gamers who don't want to be tethered to a desktop or laptop to enjoy their favorite Steam games.

However, playing some games with a keyboard and mouse can feel unnatural.same,Steam deckThe handheld controls are also unsuitable for some users.Thankfully, the Steam Deck can be paired with external controllers like the PS5 DualSense controller.

Like many games on Steam, you can easily pair various controllers to enjoy your favorite games that support them.



How to pair a PS5 controller with Steam Deck

Pairing the PS5 controller with the Steam Deck is a simple process.Since both the controller and the handheld game console support Bluetooth, you'll be able to connect the PS5 DualSense controller at any time.

Here's how to do it:

1. Navigate to Steam > Settings > Bluetooth.


2. Make sure the Bluetooth option is turned on.

3. Press and hold Create (the small button with three lines on the left side of the touchpad) and the PlayStation button at the same time.

4. Wait until the DualSense controller starts blinking blue to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on.


5. On the Steam Deck, select DualSense Wireless Controller from the Bluetooth settings and press A.


Your PS5 DualSense controller should now be paired with your Steam Deck.You can start using it directly to play games.

If you want to disconnect your PS5 DualSense controller from Steam Deck, you can turn off Bluetooth, or reconnect the controller to another device.

Which controllers are compatible with Steam Deck?

Most Bluetooth controllers are compatible with Steam Deck.This includes Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch controllers, as well as other third-party products.

However, some features may not work with Steam when connected via Bluetooth.For example, the DualSense controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers won't work when playing games on Steam Deck.

Pair the PS5 controller with your Steam Deck

While some features aren't available, pairing the DualSense controller with the Steam Deck is an easy process that can be invaluable to some.

If you like playing PC games with a controller, the PS5's DualSense controller is the best option for using it with a keyboard and mouse.

As long as Bluetooth is enabled on your Steam Deck, you can pair your PS5 controller in seconds and enjoy playing your favorite games.


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