How to Play Fortnite Split-Screen on PS4 and PS5 (and Its Downsides)

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Everyone knows about adding friends in Fortnite, forming a duo or squad, and having some campaign games.However, there is a way to enjoy Fortnite locally on the same screen with the same console.

Thanks to Fortnite's split-screen feature, you can play Fortnite at the same time if you and your friends are in the same space.Grab your second controller, grab a friend, and read the steps below for some old-fashioned co-op fun.


Make sure you have two Fortnite accounts ready

You won't be able to play Fortnite split-screen without setting up another account signed into Fortnite on your PS5 or PS4.If you have another account signed into PSN on your console, then turn it on, start Fortnite, and log in or sign up with your Epic account details.And, no, you don't need a PlayStation Plus to play Fortnite multiplayer.

If you don't have another user account for Fortnite on your console, you can create a new one on PS5 by following these steps:

1. Tap the PS button (do not hold it down).

2. Navigate to your profile icon in the bottom menu and select it.

3. Open Switch User in the menu that appears.

4. Choose Add User and choose Go.

5. Check in all relevant PSN details.

The one-time guest account will disappear after you turn off the PS5 or switch users.Don't use it for your Fortnite game.

Here's how to do it on PS4:

1. Press and hold the PS button on the controller to open the quick menu.

2. Choose "Power" > "Sign Out PS4" to leave your current user profile.

3. Press the PS button to reconnect your controller, then select the new user on the screen that appears.

4. Select "Create User" to create a new permanent profile on your PS4.

5. Sign in or sign up for PSN.

Now that the account is set up, start Fortnite and follow the on-screen instructions to log in or sign up.

How to play "Fortnite" in split screen?

Once you have both accounts ready, you have to decide which one will "host the game".Master users enjoy certain perks such as controlling the jumps of the battle bus, easy access to lockers, access to their friends list and item shop, and all game sounds come from their in-game perspective.

Follow the steps below to add a second player:

1. In the console user's lobby, connect another controller to the console by holding down the PS button and selecting a second active Fortnite account.


2. Press and hold the triangle button until the loading circle in the lower right corner is complete.An overlay window labeled PLAYER 2 will pop up to log into the second account.


3. A second player will appear in the lobby, now you can play with split screen in the same party.


Once you've set up and logged into both accounts, playing Fortnite with friends using split screen should be a quick and easy process.

Disadvantages of Split Screen in Fortnite

Playing local co-op on split-screen is a lot of fun, but you still have to account for all the kinks that come with playing it that way.Here are some of them:

1. Split screen means each player gets less screen real estate and has to contend with less visibility.

2. Sharing a screen also means your console has to run two games at the same time.This will put a strain on the console, and you may notice poor graphics and choppy animations.This is especially bad on PS4.

3. Running two games on the same screen can also be confusing.You could mistake your screen for the top when it's the bottom, or vice versa.This clutter can hamper your Fortnite gameplay.

4. Some users may also notice strange animations and glitches in split-screen games.While most of them don't last long, they can be very upsetting.Some glitches can also affect your cosmetics.

5. The split-screen game of "Fortnite" does not support more than two players at the same time.So if you have more than one person, you will have to take turns.

6. "Fortnite" does not allow more than one player to have a microphone on at the same time, so two local players must share a microphone if they want to talk to other online players.

So while you can still happily play split-screen games on Fortnite, it's not perfect.

Split screen is a good addition to Fortnite

No one thought that Fortnite would add this feature to an online battle game.But they did, and it's a welcome addition reminiscent of the co-op FPS games of the year.

While it still needs some work to make it more polished, split screen works well for the most part.We hope Epic will work on this feature and improve some of the issues listed here.In the meantime, plug in your controller and play with your friends.

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