How to Change the Screen Resolution on a Mac

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High-resolution monitors can show more detail because they have more pixels than standard monitors.This can be helpful, especially for video editing, graphic design, and gaming.However, it can also be more demanding on your Mac's hardware and may not always be right for your setup.

You often need to adjust your screen resolution settings to get the best picture and video performance on your Mac.Fortunately, you can easily change the screen resolution setting on your Mac by following the instructions in this article.


How to Change the Screen Resolution of Your Mac's Built-In Display

You can make the motion on your Mac's screen feel smoother by adjusting your Mac's refresh rate.However, if you want to improve the overall look of your Mac's screen, you can change the resolution of the built-in display by following these instructions:

1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen, and select System Settings from the drop-down menu.


2. In the left pane of the window, navigate to Display.

3. Now in the right pane of the window, you will see a list of screen resolution options as thumbnails.Choose the option that suits your needs by clicking; the "default" thumbnail on the left makes the text bigger, while the thumbnail on the right does the opposite.You can also hover over a thumbnail to see the exact resolution (in pixels).


4. When you select a new resolution, you will be prompted for confirmation.Click "Change Resolution" to confirm your changes.


How to change the screen resolution of an external monitor

Apple provides an easy way to adjust the screen size on your Mac.You can do this by going into the system settings and changing the resolution of your built-in screen and any external screens.

1. Click the Apple logo in the menu bar to enter the system settings.

2. In the left pane, select Displays.Click on the external display on the right side of the pane to select it.

3. You'll see several options for display screen resolution, from larger text to more space.Click anywhere in this area while holding down the Option key.

4. Below the "Use as" section a list will appear showing resolutions.Select one by clicking.

5. If you want more resolutions, scroll down and enable the toggle next to "Show all resolutions."Now you'll have a wider list of resolutions to choose from.


How to Make Custom Screen Resolutions on Mac Using EasyRes

Picking the perfect resolution for your Mac display can be tricky.Apple only offers a few default options, and they don't cover all the different resolutions or aspect ratios your screen can support.

So if you want more options, you can use third-party apps like EasyRes, which give you a wide range of resolutions, including those of external monitors.Check out the steps below to learn how to change your Mac's screen resolution using the app:

1. Go to App Store, downloadEasyResapplication.Once installed, launch it.


2. A window will appear asking to access the screen recording feature.This is only necessary if you want to preview resolution changes, so you can click OK without enabling it.


3. If you want to grant screen recording permission, please click Open System Settings in the screen recording pop-up window.Otherwise, you can choose to deny this permission.


4. To change your Mac's display resolution, click the EasyRes icon in the menu bar.You'll see a list of available resolutions and refresh rates.Choose your preferred resolution.


Now, you have successfully changed your Mac's screen resolution!

However, while you can set the display resolution to the maximum supported by your Mac, it may make text appear tiny.So if you're having trouble reading text on your Mac's screen, we recommend switching to a lower resolution.

Transform the viewing experience on your Mac

Adjusting the screen resolution can help when you need to increase the size of text or connect an external display to your Mac.Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the steps to take to change your Mac's screen resolution.

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