How to Reposition Your PS4 Dual Stick Controller's Buttons

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Button remapping is one of the many accessibility features your PS4 includes.With it, you can choose to have any button on your PS4 activate different buttons depending on your needs.

Whether you need this feature for accessibility purposes or want to swap out an inconvenient control mapping, we'll show you how to remap the buttons on your PS4 controller.


How to remap the buttons on the PS4 controller

To access the remap menu on PS4, select the "Settings" icon from the top row of the main menu, then select "Accessibility" from the list.Near the bottom of the Accessibility menu, select Button Assignments.

Inside the "Button Assignments" menu, you need to check "Enable Custom Button Assignments", then after ticking the first item, check "Custom Button Assignments".


Here, you'll see a grid of buttons that let you reassign anything on the controller except the touchpad and PS buttons.To make a change, select an item you want to remap, and select the Target button.Anything you change will emit light, and the opposite assignment will also be swapped.Select "Reset" to start over.

Note that L3 and R3 are the buttons when you press the left and right sticks respectively, while L and R are the sticks themselves.


You are free to make as many or as few changes as you like.Your choice is yours; if your favorite game doesn't let you change the controls the way you like, you can override them.For example, many first-person shooters use circles to control crouching and R3 to control melee combat, so if you don't have such options in the game, you might want to swap them out here.

A note about PS4 remapping

When you use this menu to remap PS4 buttons, it changes them on a hardware level.The game won't realize you've changed the controls, so using the example above, if the game says "press the circle to crouch," you'll have to press R3 to do it.

You cannot have multiple button remapping profiles.If you want to use different configurations in different games, you have to go into this menu and change it each time.

For convenience, you can check Add to Quick Menu on the Accessibility menu.This will put some accessibility options in the PS4 shortcut menu (which appears when you long-press the PS button).This is both a convenient way to organize your PS4 and a faster way to toggle button remapping.If you uncheck the Enable custom button assignments box, either here or on the menu above, you can disable remapping while still saving your preferences.


All in all, this option is most useful when you want to permanently remap some controls.We recommend using the in-game controls to reset whenever possible, as it's easier to keep track of.

Reset PS4 button for your convenience

That's all there is to remapping the buttons on your PS4 controller.This makes it easier to enjoy the game when the default control scheme doesn't work, for whatever reason.

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