The 7 Best Safari Extensions for Mac Users

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Safari is the default web browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.While Apple offers the ability to install third-party browsers, many Mac users swear by Safari because it's fast, lightweight, and better optimized for macOS than most other browsers.


In other words, there are many things that the Safari browser cannot do natively.That's what Safari extensions do; they extend the functionality of Safari to let you get more out of the browser.Below, we'll list some extensions that are definitely worth installing.

1. Bitwarden


Bitwardenis one of the first extensions you should check out for Safari on your Mac.For the uninitiated, Bitwarden is one of the most secure password managers out there, making it easy to manage and generate passwords for online accounts.

Bitwarden is free to use.And once you add its extension to Safari, logging into accounts and creating entries for new account registrations becomes a fairly simple task.Not only that, but the extension lets you interact with your vault, so you can access its contents or add new items to it right from your browser.

Download: Bitwarden (free)

2. Grammarly


Grammarly is a free writing assistant.It helps you with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and more to help you write error-free emails, social media posts, messages, and more.

As you enter text, Grammarly's Safari extension works in the background, analyzing it for errors.When it detects an error, it underlines the word or phrase.You can click on it to see suggestions and correct mistakes.

If you subscribe to Grammarly Premium, the extension also gives you some extra features like suggesting changes in your tone and improving the readability of your writing to make it easy for your readers to understand.

Download: Grammarly (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials


Most sites on the internet track your online activity for various reasons, such as serving personalized advertisements.If you don't like this and want to browse more privately, you should add the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension to Safari on your Mac right now.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials prevents trackers on the websites you visit from following you and what you do online to keep your online activities private.It uses two extensions for this: Privacy Dashboard and Privacy Guard.The former blocks third-party trackers, while the latter tells you who it finds tracking you.

One difference with the DuckDuckGo Privacy Protection extension is that it prevents the tracking script itself from loading, ensuring that even your IP address and other identifiers are never sent to trackers.

Additionally, the extension rates websites according to their privacy, with an A rating indicating that the site cares about your privacy and an F rating indicating that it has the worst tracking practices.Click the extension button in the toolbar to view the report.

Download: DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials (free)


Keyword Search is a powerful extension that speeds up searching for things on the internet.It's a bit like Bangs in DuckDuckGo, you need to enter the keywords of the website (you want to find something on it) in the address bar, and then enter your query, you can directly get the results.

The extension removes the need to visit a website to make a query, which usually involves multiple steps.It is loaded with keywords from many popular sites such as Google, Amazon, Stack Overflow, YouTube, etc.But you can also set up a new shortcut yourself for any website in a few easy steps.

In addition, Keyword Search also allows you to modify existing shortcuts if you find that they conflict with some other website's keywords.Finally, you can choose where you want to enter the keyword -- before or after the search query.

Download: Keyword Search (free)

5. Quiet!


If you're easily distracted by certain websites while working on your Mac, Quiet!can be your savior.With the help of this extension, you can block websites in Safari from being accessed so you can better focus on your work.

To help you do that, Quiet!A list of popular websites is provided, and you can block distracting ones.Plus, if a website isn't listed, you can create a new entry with its URL.All of this is available at Quiet!completed in the application.

Also, Quiet!Also allows you to block websites on the entire web, making them inaccessible even through other browsers on your Mac.For that, you'll need the Quiet!Enable web filters in settings and block websites.

In addition to helping you block distracting websites, Quiet!There is another useful use case.You can also use it to block cryptocurrency miners, gambling, and adult content on your Mac.If you share your Mac with kids, this extension can help you create a safe browsing experience for them.

Download: Quiet! (Free, in-app purchases available)




Polyglot is another Safari extension for Mac.With it, you can easily translate text from different websites into your native language.Sure, you can translate websites natively in Safari, but there's no way to translate a selected snippet of text on a website.

Using Polyglot is as simple as selecting the text you want to translate and clicking the Polyglot icon on the Safari toolbar.The extension will show you the translated text in your native language in an overlay box below the text.Likewise, if you click on a word, Polyglot will show you the transliteration, synonyms, and other relevant information.

Polyglot automatically recognizes the language when you select it, which is nice.But you do need to set the target language according to your region in order for it to translate.You can do this by launching the Polyglot app, which will take you directly to the settings.

Here, you can also set a shortcut to perform a quick translation.Alternatively, you can enable the instant translation feature, where the Polyglot icon will appear as soon as you select the text to translate, making the process faster and more convenient.

Download: Polyglot (free)

7. Paypal Honey


If you like online shopping, please installPaypal HoneyExtend to help you save money.It's essentially an online shopping assistant that lets you find deals on numerous sites, get discount coupons, and compare prices on products offered by different sellers on Amazon to see if now is the right time to buy them.

After you add Paypal Honey to Safari, it works in the background to find the best applicable coupons for a product and apply the one with the biggest discount.Plus, it also allows you to manually apply coupon codes if you want to use other coupons.

If there's no discount on an item you're concerned about, you can set up an alert in Honey that will track the price and email you when it drops so you can snag the deal.Finally, the extension even helps you earn cashback and exclusive offers from other popular online stores whenever they're available.

Download: Paypal Honey for Safari (free)

Do more with Safari with these extensions

Adding the aforementioned extensions to Safari on your Mac can make the browser more powerful and make it do things it can't.

Of course, these aren't all the extensions you can use in Safari, but we think they're a good place to start, and going forward, you can explore more options in the Mac App Store based on your requirements.

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