How to use ChatGPT to create a presentation

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Creating a presentation can be an intimidating and time-consuming task.Researching materials, writing text, designing slides, adding images, and rehearsing all take a lot of time and effort.

What if you could have an AI create all of this for you?becauseChat GPTcan't export the file, you can putChat GPTCombine with another AI tool and let them craft your presentation from scratch.All of this is done within seconds.Sounds good right?Read on to find out how it's done.


Create a presentation from scratch with ChatGPT

Before creating a presentation with ChatGPT, let's take a look at the relevant steps.We will use a combination of two artificial intelligence tools to make this demo.

ChatGPT does a good job of generating text based on your prompts.You can use ChatGPT to create text for your presentation slides, but that's all ChatGPT can do in this case.

Another essential element isSlides AI.This is a tool designed specifically for Google Slides that automates the creation of presentations.All you need to do is provide it with text and pick a theme.Then, with one click,Slides AIA full Google Slides presentation will be created for you.It will even attach the appropriate image gallery when needed.

Of course, like most other AI presentation tools,Slides AIThe free version also has limitations.You can only create three presentations per month, and each presentation is limited to 2500 characters of text.You can expand these limits by purchasing a paid plan.

Once you've generated your presentation, all that's left is to make some final touches and export the presentation to whatever format you like.If you want to create a PowerPoint slideshow with AI, you can follow these same steps and then export the slideshow to PowerPoint.

1. Generate presentation text with ChatGPT

The first step in creating a presentation is to generate text with ChatGPT.In order to get a proper output, you have to provide ChatGPT with some basic information about the speech, such as the topic, audience and the main points you want to make.

The hints you give to ChatGPT determine the output text, which in turn determines SlidesAI's behavior and output.It's important to structure your prompt carefully and include everything you want to see.

Therefore, in addition to the topic, your prompt should include main points and some structural features, such as the number of slides.You can see a sample conversation with ChatGPT for this purpose in the image below.


Once you provide this information, ChatGPT will generate the presentation for you.You can edit and refine the text to suit your needs and preferences.It is best to remove structural phrases such as slide numbers and image descriptions.Only keep the main text.

If you will be using the free version of SlidesAI, then it must be noted that there is a limit to the number of characters and slides.Specifically, the free version has a limit of 2500 characters and can generate no more than 10 slides.If you need to work within these constraints, you can tweak your hints or edit ChatGPT's output.

2. Install SlidesAI for Google Slides

After generating text for your presentation, the next step is to install SlidesAI for Google Slides.You can do this through the Google Slides add-on store.


1. Go to Google Slides.

2. Create a blank presentation.

3. Go to the extensions menu.

4. Go to "Add-ons", click "Get Add-ons".

5. In the new dialog, search for SlidesAI.

6. Click it, then select Install.

SlidesAI will then ask you to log in with your Google account.Follow the directions and wait for SlidesAI to finish installing.

3. Compile your presentation with SlidesAI

With SlidesAI installed, you can now start creating your presentations.You can do this work in the same blank presentation you made in the previous step. SlidesAI automatically adds new slides and populates them with appropriate content.

1. Open the "Extensions" menu.

2. Go to SlidesAI and click Generate Slideshow.


3. In the new window, paste your text under "Enter Text".


4. Select the type of presentation and the number of slides from the right.

5. Check if you want SlidesAI to add an image or title and thanks to the slideshow.

6. Tick Replace existing slideshow.

7. Go to the Themes tab and choose a style.


8. When everything is set, go back to the Text tab and click Create Slideshow.

SlidesAI will now take the text you generated with ChatGPT and use it to automatically create slides for your presentation.This may take some time, depending on your input.


Once the AI ​​is done, you'll get a message that your slideshow has been created.Close the SlidesAI window and check them out!

4. Add the finishing touches and export the presentation

Now you can customize your slideshow and add the finishing touches.Remember, AI is still fallible, so proofread your presentation to make sure nothing slips by.If the main content looks good, you can start making visual improvements, such as adding animation to the slideshow.


It is possible that SlidesAI added irrelevant images to some slides.In this case, you can replace the image with SlideAI's Magic Write tool.The feature takes into account the content of the slideshow and suggests relevant image galleries.

1. Go to the extensions menu.

2. Go to SlidesAI and select Magic Write.

3. Tap Suggest an image.

4. Select an image.

Once your slides are all in place, it's time to start preparing your presentation.If you want to give a presentation on Google Slides, there's only a little more to do besides rehearsing.


If you want to use Microsoft PowerPoint, you can export your Google Slides presentation as a single PowerPoint slide.Go to File > Downloads and select Microsoft PowerPoint.

Create efficient presentations in minutes

Creating a presentation involves a lot of invisible work.In an ideal world, you'd spend your precious time researching and rehearsing while others do the work of creating presentations.

Well, now you know exactly how to achieve such a productive workflow.With the help of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and SlidesAI, you can create a presentation from scratch in seconds.

You can use ChatGPT to generate presentation texts that provide basic information about topics and main points.Then enter the text into SlidesAI, sit back, and watch the AI ​​do all the work for you.You just have to remember to proofread.

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