How to make a folder or file undeletable in Windows 10

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Windows 10There is a recycle bin to prevent accidental data deletion.However, users can still delete folders and files they didn't know they had accidentally chosen to delete by emptying the Recycle Bin.Therefore, the Recycle Bin is not a complete insurance against accidental data loss.

However, you can make a folder or file undeletable in Windows so it doesn't end up in the Recycle Bin in the first place.That way, Explorer's standard delete options won't work on your protected folders or files.This is at Windows 10A method in making a folder or file undeletable.


How to modify the permissions of folders or files so that they cannot be deleted

The first method enables you to make both folders and individual files undeletable.It involves denying all permissions to a folder or file, making it impossible for the user to delete it.Here are the steps to make a folder or file undeletable by modifying permissions:

1. First, click the shortcut on the File Explorer taskbar and bring up a directory containing the folder or file you want to make undeletable.

2. Right-click the folder or file, select "Properties".

3. Click Security in the file or folder Properties window.

4. Press the "Edit" button on the "Security" tab.


5. Select SYSTEM in the Group or user name box.

6. Click the Deny checkbox for the Full Control setting, this will also select all other boxes below it.


7. Repeat the previous two steps for all accounts displayed in the Group or Username box.Permissions will then be denied for all usernames.

8. Select the Apply option on the Permissions window.

9. Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to deny permissions.

10. Then click OK in the Permissions and Properties window.

Now try to delete the undeletable folder or file you just made.Right-click the folder or file and select Delete.A folder access denied window will pop up with a "Continue" option.Clicking "Continue" will bring up another window with a "Retry" button.Selecting "Retry" will never delete the file or folder.


However, you cannot open or edit any folders or files that have been made undeletable in this way.If you want to open or edit undeletable folders or files, you will need to undo any permission changes you made.Bring up the permissions window for that file or folder, as described above in steps one through four, and deselect all the "Deny" checkboxes to make it accessible again.

How to make a folder undeletable with NH Folder Hider and Locker

If you prefer a more automated approach to making folders undeletable, check out the freeware NH Folder Hider and Locker. NH Folder Hider and Locker is a software that you can use to lock folders so that they cannot be deleted.Then, when you need to access a folder, you can use the program to unlock it.You can use this software to make a folder undeletable, the method is as follows:

1. Open this on SoftpediaNH Folder Hider and Lockerpage.

2. Download the app and double-click NH Folder Hider and Locker after downloading.

3. Select the "I agree" checkbox to read the license terms for the software.


4. Click "Next" several times and select "Install".

5. Select Finish in the NH Folder Hider and Locker installation wizard.

6. Double-click the NH Folder Hider and Locker shortcut on the desktop.

7. Enter a username and new password to open NH Folder Hider and Locker.

8. Click the "Settings" button.

9. Select OK in the pop-up NH Folder Hider and Locker dialog box information.

10. Then enter the username and password you just set up, and click the green check button.


11. Select the "Folder Lock" tab.


12. Click Browse, select a folder to make undeletable, and select Lock.

13 Press the lock button.

14. Then press the OK button in the dialog box.


Change to any directory that includes the undeletable folder you just made.Right-click on your newly locked folder and select Delete.Or select the folder and press Del.Either way, an access denied message will pop up.


If you want to access the folder, you need to unlock it.To do this, open the NH Folder Hider and Locker software again; click Browse in the window and select the locked folder.Then press the unlock button to make the folder accessible and deleteable.

Protect Your Folders and Files From Accidental Deletion in Windows 10

You can make sure that you never accidentally delete important folders or files in Windows 10 Explorer by making them undeletable by the methods above.Making your folders and files undeletable in these ways will also make them inaccessible to other users.Therefore, they will protect your most important folders and files in two ways.Then you will never need to take advantage of Windows data recovery software.

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