What are Twitch Drops and how do you get them?

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Twitch is the best place to watch gaming content online, especially live streams of your favorite games.But why just watch when you can also earn rewards and loot to use in your favorite games?Twitch dropsExactly the way to achieve this.


what isTwitch drops?

Twitch Drops is a completely free feature available to any logged-in user.They're a way to earn in-game loot simply by watching certain game streaming channels.Unlike Twitch Channel Credits, Drops are not offered by Twitch creators or the Twitch platform.

Game developers provide and activate Drops for their games, and they decide which channels can give away loot.Don't expect to see them in everything you watch.The type of loot included in a Drop varies between different games and developers.You can get unique weapons, clothing, character skins, in-game reward boxes, or power-ups.

You can check out the list of games that currently have Drops enabled, as well as details on the loot you can get in your Drops and Rewards inventory.

1. EnterTwitch, and click your profile picture.

2. Select Drops and Rewards.

3. Click All Events to see a list of games that offer loot.

4. You can select any game in the list to see the details of the loot you can get and how long it will take to get each item.


How to Earn Twitch Drops

You can earn Drops simply by watching any of the Twitch streams featured in the promotion.As soon as you start watching a stream with Drops enabled, you'll start earning that particular reward.

You need to watch a channel with drops enabled for a certain amount of time to receive the reward.The required viewing time varies by event, but is usually at least 60 minutes.

Some events reward multiple loot drops if you watch for a longer period of time, such as 15, 30, or 60 minutes past the initial time.

When you start earning Drops, you'll see a progress bar in your account menu.You can also check your progress by viewing the list of drops and rewards.


You can only move towards one Twitch Drop at any one time.You can continue to earn rewards by switching between any channels that offer the same rewards, but you cannot speed up your progress by viewing multiple channels at once.

Find Twitch channels with Drops enabled

Finding channels that allow you to earn Drops is easy.When you browse certain channels, look for the Drops Enabled tab that appears along with the other channel tabs.

Alternatively, you can filter the results in the Browse tab to only show Twitch channels with Drops enabled. Drops can only be obtained by watching live streams, so you need to select the live channel option.Then type "Drops" in the tag search bar and click Drops Enabled from the suggested tag.

When viewing a streamer in a channel, you can open the Twitch chat panel and see a message confirming that it has Drops enabled.There will also be a message displayed here when you have acquired any of the loot contained in the Drop.

How to View Your Twitch Drops and Rewards

The Drops and Rewards inventory page shows the loot you're currently earning, as well as any that haven't been unlocked yet.It also shows the loot you've earned in the past and any upcoming loot events.

1. In Twitch, click on your profile picture and select "Drops and Rewards".

2. Ongoing drops will be displayed, showing loot already earned and loot not yet earned.

3. There is also usually a link that you can click to learn more about the game on the game developer's website.


How to Claim Any Twitch Drops You Earn

After earning the drop, you need to claim the loot before it will show up in your game.You can click on the reward notification that appears briefly in chat, or by clicking the "Claim Now" button on the "Drops and Rewards" inventory page.

If you have not already done so, you will be asked to connect Twitch to the relevant game account.Here's how to link your accounts:

1. Open the Drop and Rewards Inventory in Twitch and find the Drop you want.


2. Click the Connect button under the Drop heading, this will take you to the developer's website.

3. Follow the instructions to log in with your Twitch account information and link the accounts.

4. You will then need to log into the relevant game client, such as Steam or Uplay, so that your loot can be credited to your account.


5. Finally, click "Activate" to complete the connection and add the loot to your game.

While you can earn Drops for multiple games without linking your accounts, this step is required before you can claim your loot.Some rewards will expire if not claimed within the specified time.The loot you claim will appear in a separate section of your inventory.

How to cancel the current airdrop campaign and get rewards for different games

You do not have the option to cancel the progress of an airdrop campaign that has already started.When you've earned all the loot, it's automatically canceled, or rather, the Drop event ends.

If you want to earn Drops for a different game, you can simply stop watching one stream and start watching another for a different reward.After a few minutes, Twitch will add the new Drop to your Drop and Rewards inventory, and you'll start working your way toward earning it.Previously active Drops will be suspended, but your progress will be saved.

As mentioned, you can't have two browser windows open at the same time to earn drops from two different games.But you can switch between Drops, so you're not locked into watching one channel or streaming all the time.

Get Twitch Drops Easily

Watching entertaining Twitch streams can pay off, but why stop there? Twitch Drops are a completely free way to earn loot for the games you play.Just by watching streamers play, you earn rewards like skins, weapons, and characters that you can use when you want to play instead of watch.

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