The 11 best features in Windows 2023 February 5 Update

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Microsoft has started rolling outWindows 11 5月2023的功能更新,增加了许多新功能,和改进。2023年5月的更新被俗称为Moment 3。

In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best features that you can install on your computerWindows 11 Try it after the May 5 update.But before that, let me introduce the May 2023 update.


What's in the Windows 11 May 5 Update?

The Windows 11 May 5 Update is a small feature update available for all supported Windows 2023 PCs running Windows 11, version 22H2.After a successful installation, you can try out the best features of Windows 11 Moment 11 below:

1. Turn on the seconds in the taskbar clock


The ability to display a second hand in the system tray of the taskbar is one of the features Microsoft removed from Windows 11.With the Windows 11 May 5 Update, the software company added it again.After installing "Moment 2023", as the name suggests, it displays seconds along with minutes and hours in the systray clock.

However, this feature is not enabled by default.To turn it on, open the Settings app and go to Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Behavior.Now, check the "Show seconds in system tray clock" box.When turned on, it will use more power.For many laptop users, especially those with low battery life, it may not be worth enabling the feature due to the greater power drain.But if you're a desktop user, you should be perfectly fine.

2. Get the latest non-security updates as soon as possible


Besides Windows Insiders, stable Windows 11 users can also get the update as soon as the Windows 11 May 5 Update is ready.Microsoft has introduced a new toggle on the Windows 2023 Updates page in the Settings app that lets you get non-security updates when they're available.Simply put, by enabling it, you will be one of the first few users to receive non-security updates from Microsoft.

To enable the switch, open the Settings app by pressing the Win key + I on your keyboard, then tap Windows Update.Now, enable the toggle for "Get the latest updates as soon as they're available."

3. Quickly copy OTP code


The Windows 11 May 5 Update comes with the ability to quickly copy two-factor authentication codes from toast notifications.This means you no longer need to memorize these codes and type them.After copying them, you can paste them into the desired fields.Overall, it makes the whole process easier and more convenient.

You don't need to tweak anything in the Settings app to enable this feature.

4. Badge notifications on the start menu


The sole purpose of badge notifications is to draw your attention to something.In the start menu, badge notifications are there to bring to your attention to fix issues related to your account.The notification badge appears for various reasons: If you're using a local account, you may see a prompt telling you to use a Microsoft account instead.They can also tell you to back up your files to the cloud.

Fortunately, you can turn off the feature if these notifications feel annoying.You can open the Settings app, navigate to Personalization > Start, and turn off the toggle for Show account-related notifications.

5. New three-column widget layout


Microsoft has made many improvements to the widget feature since its introduction.The latest improvement comes in the form of a new layout, a three-column widget panel.

The biggest advantage of having three columns is that you get all the fixed widgets and a dedicated section for your news feed.You don't need to make any tweaks in the Settings app to get a three-column widget panel.

If you're new to Windows 11, learn tips and tricks toGet the most out of widgets.

6. Improvement of real-time subtitles

The Live Caption feature in Windows 11 provides an automatic transcription of the audio.With Windows 11 Moment 3, you can use live captions in multiple languages, including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French (France, Canada), German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Spanish, Danish English, English (Irish, other English dialects) and Korean.

The Live Caption feature is helpful in noisy environments because you can't hear what the people on the screen are saying.People with hearing impairments can also greatly benefit by enabling the feature on their Windows 11 PCs.

7. New restrictions on multitasking settings


If you use the Alt+Tab keys on your keyboard to snap answers, Windows 11 Moment 3 has something for you.It is now possible to display the last 20 tabs (up from 5) by pressing a key combination.

The new 20-tab limit can be easily enabled: open the Settings app, go to System > Multitasking, then tap Show Tabs from the Snapshot drop-down menu or press Alt+Tab to increase the limit.

What else is in the Windows 11 May 5 Update?

In addition to the aforementioned changes, the May 5 update brings a host of other improvements and features.For example, a VPN shield icon was introduced to inform users whether the connection is active or not.Improvements to voice access, the USB2023 Hub and Devices page in the Settings app, and the ability to make the PrtScn (print screen) key open the Snipping Tool app are some of the other new features worth trying in the Windows 4 May 11 Update.

Windows 11 May 5 Update helps you do more

There are no game-changing features in the Windows 11 May 5 Update, but in many cases, small features can make a big difference.The best part about these additions is that they are not forced upon the user.If you don't like something, you can always disable it from the Settings app.

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