5 Ways to Improve Battery Life While Gaming on Android

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Have you ever been enjoying your favorite mobile game only to have your ecstasy interrupted by a pop-up low battery notification?It's really off-putting and irritating.Playing games on your smartphone has a way of draining your battery life, especially online games.


Here are five ways to reduce battery drain to extend your Android gaming sessions.

1. Adjust your phone and game settings


One of the first things to do before starting a game is to adjust the brightness level.Reducing screen brightness can greatly reduce battery degradation.This is best done especially when playing in a dark environment.

Another setting that can affect your battery life is sound level.If you don't need to hear every sound effect or music track in the game, you can lower the volume or mute it completely.This will save your battery and ears, and prevent you from being a nuisance to those around you.

Some games also offer the flexibility to change graphics quality, frame rate, or resolution.These settings determine how detailed and smooth your game looks, but require more processing power and battery.If you don't mind sacrificing some visual quality for extended gameplay, you can lower these settings to save some battery power.

Finally, you can turn on airplane mode or disable Wi-Fi and mobile data while gaming.This will prevent your phone from receiving notifications, updates, or other background activity that interrupts your gameplay and drains the battery.However, this may not work for games that require an internet connection or multiplayer capabilities.

2. Keep your phone from overheating

A phone that's chronically overheated can cause drastic damage and reduced battery life, causing you to have to charge it more often and replace it sooner.A hot phone can also affect its performance, causing it to lag or crash, ruining your gaming experience and causing you to lose progress or points.

You can prevent your phone from overheating by gaming in a cool environment away from direct sunlight, removing the phone from its case, and closing apps you don't need.You can also fan your phone or use a cooling pad to keep it from overheating.

But in the end, there's only so much you can do.The most heat comes from the CPU and GPU running at maximum speed, which is unavoidable when you play games.

3. Disable Force 4x MSAA

Force 4x Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) is a developer feature that you can enable to increase the resolution of your games or apps, rendering them at four times the native resolution of your phone's screen.While it makes your games look sharper and more detailed, it drains a lot of battery power and potential overheating issues.

It's off by default, but if you follow ourHow to Improve Game Performance on Androidguide and enabled it, you can turn it off again to avoid taking a hit on your battery life.

4. Use a fast and stable internet connection

Playing multiplayer games on slow and unstable internet connections will drain your battery faster than usual.This is because your smartphone will use more power searching for network signals or trying to stay connected.

This can heat up the phone and drain the battery.Therefore, avoid playing the game in crowded places or places with poor signal to prevent this.Using strong and fast Wi-Fi is a solid option.

5. Plug your phone into a power source or power bank


Another good tip is to plug your partially charged phone into a power bank or power bank while gaming.While this approach doesn't strictly save your battery, it accomplishes two things -- you can enjoy more of your favorite gaming sessions while boosting your battery power.

However, keep in mind that this doesn't preclude tweaking the other phone and game settings mentioned earlier.You also shouldn't be wirelessly or fast charging your phone while gaming, as those will heat up your phone and battery more easily than normal charging.

Enjoy longer gaming sessions with longer battery life

What could be more fun than playing your favorite game on the go, especially when traveling?But games can quickly drain your battery, not only shortening your gaming sessions, but leaving you without the energy to do other things on your phone.

The above tips will help you conserve battery life, allowing you to play longer and have some spare battery power when you need it.

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