9 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Can Try Right Now

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OnGPT-4After the release,OpenAIIntroduced the ChatGPT plugin, a new way to expand the capabilities of AI chatbots. Exclusive to ChatGPT Plus users, there are around 85 plugins at launch.But that number has since grown to hundreds of options.Unfortunately, a large number of these plugins don't really do great things.

To simplify your search, we've gone through a ton of addons on the store and compiled a list of the most useful ChatGPT addons worth installing.Let's take a look.


1 Prompt Perfect

The responses you get from ChatGPT are only as good as the hints you provide.Tips are tricky, though -- it's a game of hits and misses. Prompt Perfect is a ChatGPT plugin that helps you craft well-structured, effective prompts that get you the results you want.

To invoke the Prompt Perfect plugin, you need to start your prompt with "Perfect", followed by the prompt you want.The plugin will then replace your prompt with an optimized version, usually more detailed, ensuring you get the best possible response from ChatGPT.

In the example below, we ask ChatGPT to "write an interesting story about the history of car seat belts".The plugin kicks in immediately, replacing the prompt with a more descriptive one, generating a better response.


2.Link Reader

Another useful ChatGPT plugin is the aptly named Link Reader plugin.Although its main function is to read the content of the link you provide, if paired with other ChatGPT plugins, you can do a lot of things with it.From summarizing web content to fact-checking news, the possibilities are endless.

In the example below, we pair the Link Reader plugin with ChatGPT’s built-in browsing functionality to fact-check a piece of news.


3. InstaCart

The InstaCart ChatGPT plugin helps you express your meal planning needs in natural language and in turn get a "shoppable" list of the food items or ingredients you need to prepare your meals.The plugin generates an InstaCart shopping list that includes the correct quantities of all the ingredients you need to prepare a meal.With a few more clicks, you can have all the materials delivered to your door.

It's quite powerful, flexible, and easy to use.As soon as you mention cooking or planning a meal in your prompt, the plugin will likely kick in.If not, you can explicitly ask ChatGPT to use it.

In the illustration below, we prompt ChatGPT with some ingredients we have.Then, we asked it what we could cook with them.After suggesting that we make Jollof rice, ChatGPT listed the other ingredients we would need and asked if we wanted to generate an InstaCart shopping list.


When we answered yes, InstaCart generated a link with a shopping list of the leftover ingredients we needed to cook Jollof rice.


After we made a few tweaks, all the necessary ingredients were added to our carts to await checkout.


While many ChatGPT plugins improve ChatGPT's functionality very little, Wolfram is a standout choice. The Wolfram plugin greatly enhances the capabilities of ChatGPT.It makes ChatGPT significantly smarter by giving it access to real-time data, improved mathematical capabilities, and large, curated datasets, and largely validated data.

While ChatGPT has hallucinations of artificial intelligence, inaccurate responses, and lapses in mathematical calculations, Wolfram helped ChatGPT overcome some of these problems.So Wolfram comes in handy when using ChatGPT to produce content that involves computation or needs to be as factual as possible.One of our favorite, albeit unconventional, use cases for Wolfram is fact-checking information generated by ChatGPT, due to its superior fact-based dataset.

In this illustration, we ask ChatGPT to generate data about Pluto. (This contains fact and false information).


We then invoked the Wolfram plugin to fact-check the information using its fact-based knowledge base.The result is this:


Wolfram is able to run the generated information against its database to check for accuracy.

5. ChatWithPDF

The ChatWithPDF plugin does exactly what its name suggests.With this handy tool, you can effortlessly use ChatGPT to extract information from any PDF file by providing a link.No additional steps required, just share the PDF link in the prompt and start asking questions.

There are many possible use cases.You can upload your classroom lessons as a PDF file and use it to prepare for an exam; upload a work file and use it to prepare a work report; or simply prompt the tool to extract key points from any PDF file.we provide aOpenAIOfGPT-4A link to the technical report and asked about the model's visual input capabilities.Here's what it says:


As it turns out, another important use case is making sense of technical documents like this one.

6. Video Insights

The Video Insights plugin is a video interface tool that lets you extract information from videos hosted on platforms like YouTube and Daily Motion.You can use the tool to create video summaries, ask specific questions about topics covered in a video, get a full transcript of a video, or extract metadata such as how many likes, views, or comments a video has.Be careful trusting the metadata it extracts; when we tried it, it was wrong 15 times out of 8.But the summaries it produces are pretty accurate.To use the tool, use a prompt like:

What is the YouTube video on this URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFvXuyITwBI) about?


7. SceneXplain

SceneXplain is a hidden gem we found in the ChatGPT plugin store.What does it do?It takes an image URL as input and returns a detailed description of the image.It is impressive at describing complex scenes with multiple characters and objects.When we tried it, it was accurate in its descriptions for 14 of the 12 images we tried, though it can be a little too artistic or dramatic in its choice of words.On its own, SceneXplain probably doesn't have many use cases.But when it's combined with other tools, it's pretty handy.

We draw a picture of a web page layout and ask ChatGPT to create an HTML and CSS code that replicates that layout by calling SceneXplain.The results didn't deviate much.


To use the plugin, use the following prompts:

Interpret this picture: https://images.pexels.com/photos/7876708/pexels-photo-7876708.jpeg or list all objects you see in this picture: https://images.pexels.com /photos/7876708/pexels-photo-7876708.jpeg

8. There's An AI For That

"There's An AI For That" isn't the most appealing addon on the ChatGPT addon store, but we've found it to be quite useful.The tool provides you with a curated list of AI tools that can accomplish any task you describe.Of course, you can choose to enter into a long, endless round of Googling, which probably won't get you what you want.But you can simply let specialized tools do the job of highlighting AI tools for whatever task you wish to accomplish.In an age where artificial intelligence is at the forefront of most things in tech, "There's An AI For That" can come into play rather conveniently.

In the example below, we prompt ChatGPT to recommend some AI tools that we can use to process an image into a music video.Some of these results were a revelation:


9. What to watch

If you're a fan of movies and TV shows, the "What to Watch" addon is a worthwhile addon to install.Describe the kind of movie or TV show you want, and it will make sound suggestions.Unfortunately, one major problem is that it doesn't connect to an updated movie database.When we prompted it for new movies, it failed to find any movies released after 2021.

If your hinting skill isn't particularly strong, you may find it useful.However, if you know your way around ChatGPT hints, you're probably best off using your own ChatGPT hints.

Embrace the ChatGPT plugin

If you are not satisfied with your experience with the ChatGPT plugin, you are not alone.However, if you look closely, you will find many useful ChatGPT plugins that extend the capabilities of your chatbot.While the plugin store isn't as full of high-quality plugins as we'd like to see, take advantage of what's available to maximize your ChatGPT experience.

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