5 Best Text Editors for Mac

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If you want to do a coding project on your Mac, like an app or a website, you need a program to write the code out.These programs are called text editors.Text editors allow you to write and execute code in different coding languages.They can be simple or come with many options such as automatic color coding and formatting.

Whether you're coding for the first time or have been coding for years, there's a Mac text editor for you.With our list of the 5 best text editors for Mac, you should be able to find the one that works best for you.

1. Vim


Vim is a powerful text editor without too many bells and whistles.It's often called the "programmer's editor" because it can handle almost any project and programming language.

However, being a very programmer friendly program, Vim can be a little harder to learn if you are new to coding. Vim automatically color-codes the syntax so your code is easier to read, but it doesn't make suggestions or point out errors or typos to you.It also doesn't have a very powerful graphical user interface, or GUI, if you're used to that -- although MacVim has more GUIs than Vim for other operating systems.

Luckily, at least it's a widely used program, so if you have a question, you're likely to find the answer with a web search.

Download: Vim for Mac (free)



Emacs, like Vim, is a text editor for the code-savvy Mac.It color-codes the syntax, but otherwise, it's a tool, not a learning platform.

Also, like Vim, Emacs has a packaging system that allows you to download and install extensions.These extensions let you have things like grammar checkers and error hunters, but you have to download and install them separately.

Emacs does differentiate itself from Vim with a few other features, such as a calendar, news reader, and project planning features.These extra features may help Emacs surpass Vim as your text editor of choice.

Download: Emacs for Mac (free)

3. Atom


For Mac users who are just learning to program, Atom is a very good choice. Atom has a very friendly GUI, and many features that help with first-time coders.

Autocomplete can help you remember code syntax you might have forgotten, and it can also help you write code faster. Atom also allows you to easily find and replace text in your code, as well as work in multiple panes. Atom also has a nice new user guide which is easy to grasp as a new coder.

Atom also has some great customization options, including extensions you can download from within the app, and themes you can take advantage of to make your windows look more interesting and work easier.

Atom is great for novice programmers, but its system is as powerful and hackable as Vim and Emacs, so it's a text editor you can use to grow as you learn.It also allows in-program GitHub access, editing, and sharing if you're coding with others.

Download: Atom for Mac (free)

4. sublime Text


Another great text editor for new coders using a Mac is Sublime Text.Like Atom, Sublime Text provides auto-completion for your coding, but it adds syntax definitions when you need to look up terms or remind yourself what a certain piece of code does.The definitions can even come in several different forms - you can get a quick definition in a popup next to the term, or click for a full definition in a side-by-side pane.

These are amazing learning features, as you can inspect things as you code, or open code projects in the program to study them.However, there are also some features in Sublime Text for more advanced coders, including convenient view splitting and tab switching, as well as a multi-select feature that allows variables to be changed quickly.

Sublime Text may be more beginner-friendly than Atom, but its definitions and auto-completion may become more annoying than helpful as you learn.Still, Sublime Text is great if you want to navigate windows easily with the keyboard and like the way it looks.

Download: Sublime Text for Mac (free)

5. VS Code


Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, has in-app debugging options and a smart auto-completion system that's designed not only to help new coders, but also to speed up advanced coders.

With Git and other SCM vendors, reviewing and committing can be done directly in VS Code, an editor that wants to simplify the workflow as much as possible. VS Code also has many extensions, so you can make it more productive in different projects.

VS Code does feel less novice friendly than Atom and Sublime Text.But growing up with VS Code can really help you and your coding speed in the long run.

Download: VS Code for Mac (Free)

in conclusion

All of the above text editors allow you to write and run code, as well as write text, and they're all free.Your coding skills will determine which text editor you want to use, if you're an experienced coder then you need Vim or Emacs, if you want a program to guide you then Atom, Sublime Text or VS Code would be a good choice.




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