How to use Google Assistant to help your child sleep better, here are 6 ways

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Google Assistant can do a lot of things, like you can set cooking timers, play your favorite music, and even know the weather.In fact, in your child's bedroom, Google Assistant can help too, from setting alarms to telling bedtime stories, let's take a look:

1. Set a lighting schedule

To make sure your kids get enough sleep, use Google Assistant to set lighting schedules for smart lights.

Just say "Hey Google, turn on my lights at 7am" or "Hey Google, turn off the lights at 9pm", Your Google device will automatically turn the lights on and off.This will help your child understand that they should start resting and eventually help them start a bedtime habit.

2. Set an alarm with your favorite music

If your child has trouble getting up in the morning and the lights aren't working, you can try another fun feature of Google Assistant, which allows you to play a specific song or artist instead of setting boring standard alarms.Just say "Hey Google, set the [song or artist] music alarm for 7:15 am."

Not only is this alarm clock another way to wake up your kids, but playing their favorite song will help them start their day with a positive mood.Another great thing about an alarm clock is that you don't need to set it every night.

3. Play white noise in the background


While some kids can fall asleep fairly easily, that doesn't mean all kids do.Google Assistant can help you by playing white noise, or other sounds, to make it easier for your child to get a much-needed break.By saying "Hey Google, play white noise" or "Hey Google, play rain." The speaker will start playing background noise.

4. Set a sleep timer


If you're worried that the noise in the previous tip will wake your kids up at night, your Google device can help you address that concern.If you ask Google to set a sleep timer (any time), the device will turn off all sounds after the time runs out.While this turns off the sound at night, the sleep timer won't affect any set light schedules or alarms, allowing your kids to still wake up to their favorite song.

Like an alarm clock, sleep timers can be planned in advance and set for multiple days of the week.Saying "Hey Google, set a sleep timer at 9:15 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday" and planning ahead can help make life easier.

5. Tell me a story/sing me a lullaby


Another exciting feature Google Assistant offers is the ability to tell your child (or you, we won't judge) bedtime stories.Just say to your Google device, "Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story. You'll be able to hear things like "Tired Alien," "Not So Scared Cat," and "Jungle Adventure" stories, and multiple stories based on children's TV shows and movies.

Google Assistant can also play audiobooks from Google Play Books, if you want more in-depth content.Just say "Hey Google, read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and your Google device will read the book for you, as long as you've downloaded it.If not, it will read a sample before giving you the option to buy the book through Google Play.

If your kids find songs more relaxing than bedtime stories, Google's virtual assistant is also able to sing lullabies.Just let the device play a lullaby and let your child relax in bed.

6. My Storytime

My Storytimeis a site that helps you record bedtime stories when you're separated from your kids for various reasons, and lets you get those stories as soon as you get home via Google Assistant.Any relative will have the ability to record a bedtime story for their child, as long as they are logged into the same Google account paired with the target Google device.

To hear stories from "My Storytime", just say "Hey Google, talk to My Storytime".This command will give you access to recordings linked to your Google account to help your kids fall asleep to the voices of their loved ones.

It's that simple, the tips above can help your child ease into a nighttime routine, get them to sleep consistently and comfortably, and wake up on time.



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