7 Apps That Bring Popular Windows Features to macOS

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Many users switch from Windows to macOS because the Apple ecosystem offers a better set of features.For the most part, macOS doesn't disappoint either.Every year, Apple introduces features that improve performance, productivity, and security.


However, we should also admit that Apple is determined to go its own way and not bring some changes to macOS, especially some popular Windows features.You can enjoy some of these features (or similar ones) on macOS, though, thanks to third-party apps.So, here are 7 Mac apps that bring popular Windows features to macOS.



Despite Apple's best efforts with features like Stage Manager in macOS Ventura, window management is still a bit of a disaster.On the other hand, Microsoft Windows has mastered window management, and over time, snapped it up.

Fortunately, you get a similar experience on macOS, thanks to OneMenu, a free-to-use Mac window management app.The app sits on the menu bar in macOS, and it suggests placement ideas every time you click and drag a window.It will automatically resize and snap the window within a second.

Additionally, OneMenu displays a quick system monitoring interface right in the menu, allowing you to keep an eye on your system's CPU and RAM usage.

Download: OneMenu (free)

2. Better Touch Tool


Another popular Windows feature that many people miss is gestures and keyboard combinations.While macOS lets you customize some aspects of the keyboard, the options aren't extensive.But you can use BetterTouchTool, which allows you to customize your Mac to handle both built-in and additional input devices.

You can also use BetterTouchTool to enable automation on your Mac.For example, you can decide what to do with a combination of inputs, choosing from a growing set of actions.Some of the useful tools in the app include screen capture, clipboard management, and window switching.

Overall, BetterTouchTool brings a variety of Windows features to macOS, but it may take you time to master the customization and automation options.

Download: BetterTouchTool ($10, free trial available)



On Windows, you can launch the clipboard manager with a shortcut key.This is handy when you want to access something you copied earlier.Unfortunately, manually viewing the clipboard history on a Mac can be tiring.But, on the bright side, you can use CopyClip to bring the power of Windows to your Mac.

CopyClip is a clipboard management tool that stays on the menu bar.It keeps track of all the text snippets you copy to the clipboard.And whenever you need to access the clipboard history, you can click the CopyClip button.The app also lets you decide how many entries you want to show in the history.

This free app is an adequate option for most Mac users, but it only stores text-based content.If you want to get rich content from the clipboard history, you can check something likepasteSuch a paid app.

Download: CopyClip (free)

4. Alt Tab


If you've been using Windows for a while, you must be familiar with the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut.It helps you quickly preview and switch between multiple windows.Although macOS lets you switch between full-size windows, Alt+Tab functionality is missing.Fortunately, you can use AltTab to bring it to your Mac.

Once installed, you can use Option+Tab to preview and switch between multiple open applications on your Mac.You can also use the menu to hide and quit specific apps in the options.And you can further customize things, including appearance.

For example, you can choose between macOS and Windows 10 themes.Likewise, you can add some apps to the blacklist.All in all, AltTab allows you to easily manage multiple application windows.

Download: Alt Tab (free)

5. Background Music


Another popular Windows feature you won't find on macOS is sound management.Even though you have basic sound control options, app-specific controls are out of the question. Background Music brings a rather ingenious solution to this problem.

You can use "Background Music" to adjust the volume for every application open on your Mac.The app also lets you automatically pause the music app or your favorite music player.Impressively, you can change the volume per app and even speaker preference (left or right).

Background Music is a great option if you have multiple media apps open on your Mac.Other features include the ability to record system audio.

Download: Background Music (free)



As you probably know, Windows 11 offers native support for Android apps.Therefore, you can choose to install at least some of your favorite Android apps on your PC.On MacOS, however, you need a third-party app to bring this functionality.

NoxPlayer is an Android emulator that lets you run Android apps and games on your Mac.Although the app is designed to run games, you can also use it to open Android apps.This is because the app creates a virtual Android device on your Mac.

If you want to play your favorite Android games on your Mac, we recommend you check out this free app.It also doesn't consume a lot of system resources.

Download: NoxPlayer (free)

7. Commander One


The File Explorer tool on Windows is much better than the Finder on MacOS.You have better control over files and have quick ways to modify them.Fortunately, instead of using an app to tweak the Finder, which doesn't go well, you can use another file manager, like Commander One.

For example, you can choose a single-pane or dual-pane interface to move files between multiple locations.It also does a better job of handling multiple tabs. Commander One also offers features like ZIP support, hidden file toggle, and many customization options.

You can also use the app for web access if you prefer.And there's a premium subscription that gives you access to FTP services like Amazon S3 and Google Drive.

Download: Commander One (Free, with in-app purchases)

Make Your Mac Feel Like a Windows PC

We believe these apps can help you improve your macOS experience in general.This is good for those who don't want to move back to Windows just for some specific features.

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