Apple's big WWDC 2023 announcements: Vision Pro, Mac Pro, iOS 17 and more

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The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 showed that we have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


From AR/VR hardware and new Macs to iOS 17 and a revamped watchOS interface, here are all the big announcements from Apple at WWDC 2023.

1. Vision Pro


so far,WWDC 2023The biggest announcement was Apple's new AR/VR headset, dubbed Vision Pro.If you have $3499 to spare, you'll soon be able to immerse yourself in popular video games, as well as 2D and 3D movie streaming.When watching a movie, what you see can also expand beyond the dimensions of your current room - allowing you to fully participate in what is happening.

The Vision Pro uses spatial audio technology, which also adjusts the sound based on where you are.You can use the headset with tools like FaceTime and Apple Notes to collaborate remotely and connect with your loved ones, and it can even do 3D photo editing.

Along with the hardware, Apple also announced VisionOS software, which means we can expect regular software updates for the headphones, just like your iPhone and Apple Watch.It has an external battery that lasts for two hours on a single charge.

Apple also announced that it has partnered with gaming software giant Unity to bring the app to Vision Pro.In addition, when Vision Pro goes on sale in early 2024, users will have access to the entire Disney+ package. The Vision Pro will be available in the US first, with other markets to follow soon.

2.Mac Pro


With all the excitement and discussion surrounding the Vision Pro, if you forgot the other intriguingWWDC 2023Announcement, you are forgiven.One of the biggest news was the release of Apple's silicon Mac Pro powered by the M2 Ultra chip.

The 2023 Mac Pro will have 192GB of unified memory.Plus, you'll get 800GB(!) of bandwidth per second for your creative projects.It also packs eight Thunderbolt ports and offers PCIe expansion slots, a first on Apple's silicon Mac.

Currently, the Mac Pro is available for pre-order starting at $6999, and it will start shipping on June 2023, 6.

3. 15-inch MacBook Air


苹果在2023年WWDC上的第一个公告是由M2芯片驱动的15英寸MacBook Air。苹果声称它可以提供长达18小时的电池寿命,这对于一台只有11.5毫米的笔记本电脑来说,是非常令人印象深刻的。

According to Apple, the 15-inch M2 MacBook Air is 12 times faster than the fastest Intel-based MacBook Air.Like the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, it has a 1080p camera and features MagSafe charging.

15英寸MacBook Air的价格为1299美元。它目前已被列入预购名单,并将于2023年6月13日与Mac Pro一起开始发货。

4.Mac Studio


Mac Studio is also receiving a hardware update for 2023, and it will feature the M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.Pricing remains the same, starting at $1,999, but like the Mac Pro and 15-inch MacBook Air, it will be available on June 2023, 6.

Thanks to the higher bandwidth HDMI port, Mac Studio supports 240K displays with refresh rates up to 8Hz.It also has four Thunderbolt ports on the back and two more on the front.In terms of wireless connectivity, it supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

Mac Studio will support up to 192GB of unified memory, and Apple says the M2 Max Mac Studio will be 1 times faster than the M3.6 Ultra version.Notably, the M2 Ultra variant offers 800GB/s of bandwidth, compared to 2GB/s for the M400 Max.

5. macOS Sonoma (Sonoma)


Perhaps the most exciting macOS Sonoma update has to do with widgets.Rather than needing to click on the time and date to bring up your widgets, you can now choose to keep them on your desktop.

Widgets are also more interactive in macOS Sonoma.You can tick off your to-do list and perform actions without opening the app.

You can also choose whether and how you superimpose yourself during a video meeting.Doing so allows for a more interactive experience.Another new feature is the ability to react via augmented reality.

Safari has also been improved for web apps and a new profile creation feature, which lets you categorize your browsing history based on whether it's for work, school, or personal use.

6.iOS 17


Live Voicemail in iOS 17 will display a worded version of any voicemail you receive, like a transcription of an audio message.Then you can decide what you want to do next.

Taking inspiration from the custom lock screen in iOS 16, you'll be able to make a contact poster in iOS 17.From here, you can change the font and your photo; if you want to have a Memoji, you can use one of those instead.

Check-ins may be the most important feature in iOS 17.You can let others know when you've arrived home safely, and the feature will automatically detect when you're back.If something goes wrong, you can update your estimated time, and loved ones can try to reach you if they suspect something is wrong.

Other iOS 17 features include interactive widgets, a new Journal app, search filters in Messages, and video messages for missed FaceTime calls.

7. iPadOS 17


iPadOS 17 will feature the lock screen customization tools that the iPhone gained in iOS 16, including font tweaks.You'll also get interactive widgets on iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma, and the Health app is finally coming to iPad, too.

Freeform will receive some new drawing tools, and Messages will receive call filters and swipe up to reply -- two things you'll also get in iOS 17.

iPadOS will also see more editing capabilities for PDF documents, as well as improvements to the Stage Manager functionality.

8. watchOS 10


watchOS 10 also brings several new features.Along with a completely redesigned app, it will also feature Smart Stacks to browse weather apps, your calendar, and more.Several new cycling features will also be introduced, such as the option to connect to Bluetooth-enabled bikes.

WatchOS 10 also brings two new watch faces, one of which is Snoopy and Woodstock, who will interact and play with the watch hands and react to weather conditions.

Vision Pro headlines WWDC 2023

As you can see, Apple announced several new hardware and software products at WWDC 2023.However, the star of the show was undoubtedly the Vision Pro AR/VR headset that fans will be eagerly anticipating in 2024.

Not much has changed on the software side, but you still get a handful of valuable features.We're finally seeing the Apple silicon Mac Pro we've been waiting for years, and the 15-inch MacBook Air is perfect for those who want a bigger Apple laptop without breaking the bank.

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