How to Customize Chrome's Appearance Directly From the Sidebar

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Customizing Google Chrome with themes is nothing new.But now, you can change the theme with just one click, and the options are displayed in a neat sidebar.This article will show you how to personalize the look of your Chrome browser without diving into the appearance settings or going to the Chrome Store.


Use a custom Chrome browser sidebar

Themes, available in the Chrome Web Store, allow you to easily change the look of your browser.In addition, the "Customize Chrome Browser" sidebar makes it easier to change the browser as you like.If you don't see the "Customize" button at the bottom right of the new tab page, make sure Chrome is updated to the latest version.If you've installed a theme, you may see a little pencil icon.

Note: Custom Chrome sidebars are only available on desktop browsers with the search engine set to

1. Open a new tab and click the "Customize Chrome" icon to open the side panel.

2. Click the "Change Theme" button to choose a theme from several available categories.You can view the entire collection by clicking the Chrome Web Store icon at the foot of the panel.


3. For those who are bored with the same picture every day, select the "Daily Refresh" button to automatically rotate pictures from a category every day.

4. Optionally use your own image (select upload image) and use it as a background.

5. Click "Classic Browser" to return to the default state.


Mix and match colors to match your theme

To try this method, start by picking a theme.Then, enter a different color chip under the "Change Theme" button on the side panel.You'll notice that Chrome automatically chooses colors based on the theme.Of course, you can choose another color to override Chrome's.

You can also go for the usual color combinations, or play with your own colors without having to lead with a theme.Just ignore the "Change Theme" button and use the color combinations on the side panel.


Mining the Benefits of a Color Browser

It's not just about a more colorful browser, even if it's a lot of fun.The sidebar saves you time since you can quickly customize the look.So you can match your mood to your browsing moments.Even better, use custom colors and themes to separate your Chrome profiles as you go about your day at work or play.

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