How to show all icons on the Windows 11 taskbar

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The taskbar is a core element of the Windows user interface, allowing you to quickly access various applications and functions.It has an up and down arrow, which Windows uses to condense icons and save space.

However, if you've found that you have limited space on the taskbar and want to remove that limitation, you've come to the right place.This article will discuss two effective ways to remove up/down arrows in Windows 11.let's start.


1. Use drag and drop

The most convenient and straightforward way to display all icons and eliminate the up and down arrows is to utilize Windows' drag and drop functionality.All you need to do is drag and drop each icon from the icon overflow to the taskbar one by one.Once you've moved all the icons, the up and down arrows will disappear.

If you want the icon to go back under the up and down arrows, drag the desired icon to the left and let go when the unpin icon appears.


2. Use the Windows Security app

The Windows Settings app is the go-to place for customizing all the important settings and features of the Windows operating system.Whether you want to personalize the Windows taskbar or perform more advanced tasks like troubleshooting when things go wrong, the Windows Settings app has you covered.

Additionally, you can remove the up/down arrows from the taskbar using the Settings app.The specific method is as follows:

1. Press the Win key to open the "Start" menu.

2. Type "settings" in the search bar and press Enter.

3. Select Personalization from the left sidebar and Taskbar from the right pane.

4. Click the drop-down icon next to the Other systray icon option.


5. Disable the toggle next to the Hide Icons menu.


If you want to move a specific icon from the up/down arrows to the taskbar, enable the toggle next to its name.For example, if you want to send the icon of a Bluetooth device to the taskbar, enable the toggle next to its name.

Free Your Taskbar Icons Again on Windows

Windows provides various customization options for the taskbar, allowing you to personalize your desktop experience.You can pin your favorite icons to the taskbar for quick access, use it as a handy shortcut to open Task Manager, and explore many other features.

Also, if you want to add or remove icons from the up/down arrow part of the taskbar, you can do it easily using the above method.

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