How to Add Contacts to Your iPhone Home Screen and Call Them with One Touch

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whether you passiPhonephone app, or using the powerful Siri, it's easy to call someone.However, there's actually an easier way to quickly call someone with just one click.Add contacts to youriPhoneOn the home screen, you don't need to open the phone app, just one tap and you can make a call.

Next, let's take a look at how this is done:

How to Add Contacts to the iPhone Home Screen

First you need to create a shortcut to call someone instantly with one click:

1. Open the Shortcuts app, and in My Shortcuts, tap the plus icon (+).

2. Type Call in the search box at the bottom, and then tap the suggested contact.To call someone else, tap the small plus icon.If you want to make a FaceTime call, search for FaceTime and add it.


3. If you selected a contact in step 2, go to step 4.If you're using the little plus icon, tap the pale blue "Contacts" word to select a person from your address book.

4. From the top, rename the shortcut to something related, like Sebastian or Call Sebastian.

5. Click the Settings icon at the top right.


6. Tap Add to Home Screen.

7. Tap the tiny shortcut icon > Choose Photo to pick a picture from your library.


8. Finally, click Add.Now you have successfully created a shortcut to call the other party with one click and added it to the home screen.If you tap this icon that resembles an app icon, it will immediately call the other party.

To increase the size of this icon slightly, go to iPhone Settings > Display & Brightness > View and select Zoom. You repeat this process to add more contacts. If you want to remove from the home screen shortcut icon, press the icon, then tap Delete Bookmark > Delete.

How to make icons bigger

If you want to make the icon bigger (and lose the customized image), you can do so by adding this shortcut as a widget on the iPhone home screen.

1. Press anywhere on the Home screen until the app icons start shaking, and then tap the plus icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down and tap Shortcuts.

3. Click Add widget below the first shortcut.


4. To change a shortcut in the Shortcuts widget, press Widgets > Edit Widget and select the desired shortcut.

How to Add the Contacts Widget to the iPhone Home Screen

You can also add a contact widget to the iPhone home screen, and tap it to open the contact.The nice thing about this method is that it can display a huge profile picture of the contact.And the downside is that you need to tap the widget first, then the call button.This means, you have to click twice, not once (like the shortcut above).However, it's still a straightforward solution for quickly calling, texting, or emailing someone.

1. Open your phone or Contacts application and tap Contacts.

2. Click Edit > Add Photo > Photo icon to set an image.You can also add a Memoji.Click Done to save this picture for the contact.

3. Press anywhere on the Home screen until all app icons start shaking, and then tap the plus icon in the upper left corner.

4. Scroll down and tap Contacts.

5. Select a widget size.

6. If the contact in this widget is not the one you want, press Contacts widget on the home screen, and then tap Edit widget.You can now choose any other contacts to display in this widget.

7. When you tap this widget, it will open the contact's card.You will see all attachments, latest news, shared links and other details.You can click call, FaceTime or message as needed.

To remove a widget from the iPhone home screen, press it and tap "Remove Widget > Remove"

In conclusion, it is very useful to learn to create a shortcut on the home screen of your iPhone or iPad for a contact, this person can be your doctor, child, best friend, wife or husband, in case of any emergency , you can call them quickly and easily.



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