8 apps to help you put your phone down and live in the moment

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Our smartphones are full of distractions, but we can also use them to help us focus.Try these apps to disconnect and be more focused when offline.


useOFF-TIMEBlock a selected number of applications or incoming calls.Set the timer to a chosen number of minutes or hours, and you can go about your day's work with less distraction from your phone.You can also create daily schedules in OFFTIME to block certain times of the day so you can enjoy happy hours with friends and family.

Meanwhile, the call blocking feature allows you to choose which contacts can reach you during OFFTIME and which ones cannot.This will ensure that you can still receive important calls.

Download: OFFTIME for iOS ($ 0.99) | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. OneSec

Whenever you try to open your favorite feed,OneSecThe app asks you to pause and take a deep breath before getting caught up in the latest post.By encouraging you to reflect for a moment, the app helps redirect the urge to scroll social media during any downtime.You can also completely block selected apps and websites.

The One Sec app will make you spend some time in your day thinking hard and becoming more aware of your habits.

Download: One Sec for iOS(Free, subscription available)

3. Digital Detox

The Digital Detox app features accountability and is for those who are serious about breaking screen habits.To up the ante, the app asks you to put a small bet on your efforts to cut down on your phone usage.

Multiple challenge settings help you put your phone down easily.For example, an easy challenge will require you to give up your phone for 2 hours, while a hard challenge will last a full day.

Exiting the challenge early will cost you $0.99.And, since the app uses Android device administrator permissions, you can't rely on uninstalling it to quit the task early.

The app will experience gamification: you earn points for completing challenges.Earn achievements along the way, check leaderboards, and challenge friends to join your competition.

Download: Digital Detox for Android(Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Phoneless

If you fail a Phoneless challenge, the Phoneless app will notify your friends.Just keep your phone off during the countdown to win and avoid semi-public humiliation.

As a bonus, now you and your friends will have another reason not to use your phone at a real-life party.Win the phone-free challenge for bragging rights and learn to enjoy each other's company.

Download: Phoneless for iOS(free)

5. Digital Detox Dragons

Another app that gamifies your phone-free experience is Digital Detox Dragons.By combining your screen-free time with Dungeons & Dragons-style gameplay, you can kick your phone addiction while battling enemies.

Successfully staying away from the phone for a set time will help you gain experience points.For example, 25 minutes of screen-free time can earn 5 experience points.Spending more time away from your phone allows you to level up quickly and deal more damage to your enemies (i.e. dragons).

For a completely original way to help reduce screen usage, you can try your luck at Digital Detox Dragons.

Download: Digital Detox Dragons for Android(free)

6. OffScreen


By providing a visual representation of your screen time usage,OffScreenHelps you be more mindful of your phone usage.

You also get immediate access to your tracking data, such as the number of picks, average minutes of use, and even time spent using your phone while walking.You can record your best recordings in OffScreen.Overall, this app can help you learn more about your phone usage habits and learn to enjoy more time away from your phone.

Download: OffScreen for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. minimalist phone

minimalist phoneThe app strips the bright colors of the icons and displays them as plain text links.Time reminders interrupt your social media browsing and stop the endless scrolling of your phone.Notifications are saved for later viewing.

After installing this app, your home screen will turn into a simple black and white interface.Straightforward features allow you to make calls, access clock features, search, or swipe to see notifications.So you won't miss anything, but the phone is noticeably less cluttered and less noticeable.

With over 10 downloads, minimalist phone is a very popular app that helps you live in the moment.Anyone interested in a more minimalist use of online tools will appreciate this simple and straightforward application.

Download: minimalist phone for Android (free, in-app purchases)

8. Opal

OpalApps disconnect from your phone, and it lets you set a daily work time that automatically blocks certain apps and websites when you're focused.

The Opal app can help you stay focused and give you a clearer picture of how you spend your time by cutting you off from potential productivity blockers.For anyone addicted to social media, blocking apps like Opal can break the habit of using your phone.

Download: Opal for iOS (free, subscription available)

Although our life today is inseparable from mobile phones, putting down your mobile phone properly can not only protect your eyes and cervical spine, but also allow you to live in the moment and feel more long-lost happiness.


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