How to Insert PDF into Word Document in Two Ways

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Microsoft Word has always been a popular productivity tool, and a major reason is that it is compatible with many file formats, allowing you to insert images, spreadsheets, clip art, andPDFdocuments, etc.Despite alternatives like Google Docs, Microsoft Word is still beloved.

For different needs, there are two ways to join the Word documentPDF.You can insert it as an object, like a picture, or you can open a PDF in a document and have Word import it as editable text.

How to Insert Editable PDFs into Word Documents

The easiest way to get a PDF into your Word document is to open it using the File menu. Word will convert the PDF to Word format, so the PDF can be edited with any other text or images in the document.

The operation process is very simple, first start Word and select the file, then open.Find the PDF and select it. Word will automatically import it into the document, and it will now be fully editable like the rest of the document.

How to Insert PDF as Object into Word Document

If you don't want the PDF to be uneditable, you can insert it as an object.

1. Start Word and click Insert in the menu bar.

2. 2. In the Text section, click Object.

3. In the Object dialog box, click Create from File.

4. Click Browse... and then click OK.

Adding PDFs to documents is very simple.

At this point, the whole process is declared complete.If the content of the PDF has changed and you want the latest version of the file to appear in Word, make sure to check Link to file before you click OK.

One caveat, though, is that you'll want to make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order for the full, readable version of the PDF to appear in the document.Otherwise only an icon will appear, which you need to double-click to see the PDF file.

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