"Peek Performance" - what Apple brings this time

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In the just concluded highly anticipated "Peek performance"At the event, we saw some surprisingly high-performance Apple products. They updated iPhone SE and iPad Air, and then showed off a whole new category of Macs.Next, in our brief introduction to Apple's "Peek performance"Everything revealed at the event.

Apple TV and Friday Night Baseball

Apple Inc. by showingApple TV +All the best content on the website, and applauding the recognition of his recent awards, kicked off the event.Those accolades include a Best Picture Oscar nomination for CODA and three Oscar nominations for Swan Song.

Apple later revealed that it willApple TV +Added "Friday Night Baseball" to the top.The addition will feature two baseball games on the streaming service every Friday night, both exclusive to Apple TV+ subscribers.

iPhone 13 in new colors

Before announcing any other new products, Apple brought two new colors to the iPhone 13 lineup, and both were green.Right now, you can get the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini in green.And those who want to buy the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max can now choose Alpine Green.

Both new colors are available for pre-order starting March 3 and will start shipping on March 11.

iPhone SEEquipped with a new processor and 5G

Then, Apple announced an update to the iPhone SE.This budget-level iPhone is now in its third iteration, although the iPhone SE 3 is identical in appearance to the iPhone SE 2.While similar in appearance, the new iPhone SE 3 benefits from the same processor as the top-of-the-line iPhone 13 Pro, improved battery life, and 5G capabilities.

Starting at $429 ($2 more than the iPhone SE 30), you can pre-order the iPhone SE 3 starting March 11, with shipping starting March 3.

iPad Air will get M1 chip, 5G and center stage

After the iPhone SE update, Apple announced a similar update for the iPad Air: a better processor and 5G capabilities, this time with an extra-wide front-facing camera that adds center stage functionality.

Don't skip the processor though, the new iPad Air 5 actually has an M1 chip powering it -- the same chip that powers the iPad Pro, making the new iPad Air a very tempting product.

价格从599美元起,您可以从3月11日起预购iPad Air 5,将于3月18日开始发货。

M1 Ultra Joins Apple's M1 Lineup

While fans didn't see an M2 Apple silicon chip, Apple brought another new M1 chip:M1 Ultra.Apple says this is the last chip it's adding to the M1 lineup, so there's reason to believe that the M2 should be coming soon.

The M1 Ultra chip is essentially two M1 Max chips tied together by some impressive-sounding technology that, honestly, is hard to fathom.But one thing is clear, it delivers unprecedented levels of power and speed.

If you think the M1 Ultra is what you want, you need to buy a new oneMacStudioto enjoy it.

MacStudioAdded a new category for Mac

Without a doubt, the biggest highlight of the event was the launch of the Mac Studio, a new category of Macs that sits between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro.

Much like the Mac mini, the Mac Studio is a modular Mac, which means it doesn't have a monitor, keyboard, or any other peripherals.It's a tad taller and far more powerful than the Mac mini, though, with either an M1 Max or an M1 Ultra chip, depending on the configuration you choose.

M1 Max版起价为1999美元,M1 Ultra版起价为3999英镑。由于3月18日开始发货,任何一个选项都可以立即预购。

Studio monitor paired with a Mac

Along with the launch of the Mac Studio, Apple also announced a new desktop monitor, the Studio Display.The 27-inch 5K Retina display houses a 1200-megapixel ultra-wide camera, six speakers for sound, and three "studio-quality" microphone arrays.

It's an impressive monitor that can be used with a normal stand, counterbalance arm, or a VESA-compatible stand.On the back, you'll find USB-C connections for extra peripherals and a Thunderbolt 4 port that's actually capable of fast charging the 14-inch MacBook Pro.

Priced at $1599, the Studio Display is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping on March 3.

What's next for Apple in 2022?

"Peek Performance" should only be a modest start to 2022, as the biggest surprise is just a new Mac model, and it's aimed at creative professionals.All other announcements, while very welcome, are relatively minor updates to existing products.

Don't worry, though, and trust Apple to surprise us with more for the rest of the year.





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