These 5 iPhone Apps Can Help You Quit Smoking Permanently

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There are currently 11 billion smokers worldwide, and if you are a smoker, one of the best decisions you can make for your health is to quit smoking.In the past, smokers had to use a snack or sheer willpower to complete the quitting process, but these days, the right iPhone app can help make your quitting journey easier.

Here, we've picked out five iPhone apps that we hope will help you quit smoking forever.

1. Smoke Free


Smoke Free is very intuitive.Once you have it installed.Right away you'll get a progress indicator that tracks how long you've been smoke-free and how your health has improved so far.

Smoke Free tasks are daily tasks that help you on your journey to quit smoking.They are designed to encourage you and educate you about the reasons for quitting, starting a week before quitting.They can include journals, research information, and tips to help you succeed.

There is also a comprehensive journal where you can write about your quit smoking journey.Writing and journaling can help you manage cravings, allow you to express your feelings, organize your thoughts, and give you a record of your progress. Smoke Free also has social media integration so you can post your achievements to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Smoke Free also has advanced features that allow you to complete more daily tasks, use chatbots, and earn more badges and achievements.


2. QuitNow!


QuitNow!Trying to turn quitting smoking into a game you can win.As you progress on your journey to becoming a smoker, you'll be rewarded for reaching important milestones, such as dollars saved and days without smoking.If you're the type of person who likes to collect achievements while playing video games, you'll love QuitNow!

QuitNow! also uses social media to help you quit smoking.On a Twitter-like message board, you can upload photos, mention someone, and chat with other people around the world who are quitting smoking.With an in-app purchase, you can remove QuitNow!ads, unlock additional achievements, and give you access to more social features.


3. Kwit


Unlike other quit smoking apps, when you use Kwit for the first time, it will ask you if you have quit smoking or are ready to quit.If you're ready to quit smoking, but haven't made the leap, Kwit has a nine-step plan designed to educate you and kickstart your smoke-free journey.These steps include exercises designed to emphasize why you smoke, misconceptions surrounding smoking, and behaviors that try to replace smoking.

If you've had your last cigarette and need some support to keep going, Kwit will help and motivate you to keep going.Like other smoking cessation apps, Kwit tracks health statistics like your reduced risk of heart attack and the amount of carbon monoxide your lungs breathe in less.

Kwit will also track goals you may not have considered.If you're environmentally conscious, Kwit can monitor how much water you save in tobacco production, or how much carbon dioxide your quitting decision keeps from being released into the atmosphere. Kwit is ad-free and offers a seven-day free trial, but to use all the steps and features, you need to purchase a subscription.


4. MyQuit Coach


MyQuit Coach brings you a simplified way to quit smoking, when you first open the app, it will ask you to enter your smoking habits and your cost per pack.MyQuit Coach will then start tracking the number of cigarettes you skip and the amount of money you save.

If you feel the urge to smoke, clicking the "I crave" button will send you a quick motivational message designed to get you on the right track.Messages can include affirmations that let you know you're not alone on this path, information about the many health benefits of quitting smoking, or other reasons not to give up smoking cessation.

While anyone can list reasons to quit smoking, it's helpful to know that there are others who are going through the same struggle.Thankfully, the app's comprehensive social features include a message board where you can post your achievements and experiences, or help other ex-smokers on the road to quitting.

What's more, MyQuit Coach is completely free.You can get all the benefits and features of the app without purchase or subscription.


5. Quit Smoking


Quit Smoking can help you track how much time you spend without cigarettes and how much money you save while doing so, while offering tailored advice to assist you when you do feel those cravings.

Unlike most apps, Quit Smoking targets different people's motivations to quit smoking.While many apps can help you track how much money you've saved by quitting smoking, Quit Smoking lets you set your own unique financial goals.So whether you're saving for a new outfit, a new phone, or a new car, Quit Smoking can help you track how quitting smoking is bringing you closer to your goals.

While many apps will give you lots of advice on what to do when you feel the urge to smoke, Quit Smoking offers specific scenarios and advice on when a craving might strike.For example, if you're at a party or bar and feel the urge to light up, a quit smoking guide can give you tips designed to help you fight the craving.Tips like trying drinks you've never had before, or staying away from places where people smoke may help you stay away from cigarettes.

If you want a complete overview of all Quit Smoking scenarios, tips and 100-day quit smoking plans, you need to complete the in-app purchase.


Remember, making a firm decision to quit smoking is the first step towards a healthier life.No matter what app or tool you choose, quitting smoking isn't easy, and giving up cigarettes forever is a lifelong commitment.

Having the right resources and support can make your quitting journey easier, if you will, these 5 apps should be able to give you some help, no matter how long you've been a smoker, it's never too late to quit .






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