About Mac Studio: Everything You Want to Know

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In fact, Apple released its first M2020 processor in 1.Since then, the company has been slowly adopting them across its Mac lineup, ditching Intel chips in the process.Over time, the Cupertino giant will continue to further improve the efficiency and performance of these chips.This has allowed Apple to produce more models than the previous generation (such as the rumoredMacStudio) more compact Macs.forMacStudio, we've been waiting for, but as of now, there's not much news about it, and here's everything we know about this yet-to-be-released Mac.

Publishing date


There's no word yet on a specific release date for Mac Studio.Some think it might make an official appearance at Apple's Peek Performance event, however, that's just speculation.Apple is rumored to be planning to release several new Mac models this year, so even if we don't see it in Peek Performance, there's every reason to look forward to it in 2022.



The entry-level M1 Mac Mini is currently priced at $699, and given that the Mac Studio will likely feature more powerful internals, it should also cost a bit more, but we'll just have to wait and see.Taking into account the various predictions currently on the market, it should not be lower than $999.Because according to rumors, it could include the M1 Max chip or another more powerful chip.

Appearance and Chip


We expect the Mac Studio's design to be somewhat similar to the current Mac Mini.The rumored product may look like two stacked Mac Minis.Recent leaks point to the possibility that it has various ports.That's not surprising considering Apple has reintroduced various ports on the latest MacBook Pro models.

Talking about its processor, all we know is that it could feature an M1 Max chip or another variant of Apple's chip, or even more powerful.It is likely that the company will release more than one model with different processing power.Ultimately, though, this device should be aimed at those looking to strike a balance between a Mac Mini and a Mac Pro.



Since there is very little news from Mac Studio, we can only rely on our own imagination. The following should be what most Mac Studio followers want to see:

1. Similar color finish to M1 iMac.

2. A wide variety of options are available inside, enabling people with different budgets and needs to find a match.

3. Plenty of ports, including the precious headphone jack that some Apple devices have lost.

4. Optionally purchase color-matched accessories directly from Apple.

5. M2 chip, while this is most likely not going to happen, it will be very interesting to see a Mac Studio powered by Apple's M2 chip.Considering the power of the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max chips, we can only imagine how impressive the M2 SoC might be.



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