Screencast-O-Matic: A powerful, efficient and convenient screen capture tool

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While both iPhones and Macs have powerful built-in screen recording capabilities, sometimes you may want more, like smoother capture, sharper editing, and smarter doubt,Screencast-O-Matic(Hereinafter referred to asSOM) can do this.

SOM is a screen capture tool for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Chromebook.It is a comprehensive tool designed to help capture your screen and/or webcam, edit recordings/images (or other images/videos you already have), and share/host the results.

How to capture your screen with SOM

On a Mac, it's just three clicks:

1. Click the SOM icon in the menu bar.

2. Select and click the desired function.

3. Drag the cursor on the screen to define the area you want to capture and click to start recording/screenshot.

You can also assign custom keyboard shortcuts to start recording, take full screenshots, and open Video Manager or Screenshot Tools.

The iPhone app is also very simple.Tap Record to start recording the screen, tap Video to view previous recordings, and so on.

Nonetheless, the SOM application is designed to capture screen video.You can take screenshots and import them for use in videos through iOS' built-in functionality, but you can't take screenshots or edit them.

Record more than just the screen

Interestingly, on both iPhone and Mac, you can record:


摄像 头

Mac webcam

iPhone's front and rear cameras

screen and camera

You can even annotate, add text, draw shapes, zoom in/out, record computer audio or narration while recording your screen on your desktop.It's worth noting that these "live" features aren't available on the iPhone, although you can record audio.

Create your own video

Next is editing the screenshot/video you captured. SOM has a very useful and extensive set of screen capture software tools that surpass most of its competitors.

You can make various modifications to the screenshots, including:


Add shapes, including arrows

Easily highlight selected areas, blur the rest, or blur selected areas

Add text and steps

For video, you can:

Trim/cut recordings

Draw or annotate during live recording or later while editing

Adjust and manage resolution

Insert images, videos, new/existing screen recordings, and even pause (freeze screen)

Copy a part of a video and picture-in-picture into the video

replace some parts of the video

Overlay text, shapes, stickers, frames, and more

Keyframe or animation any kind of overlay green screen/background removal

Highlight, blur or zoom in/out parts of the screen

Hide/show screen recording or webcam recording

Speed ​​up/slow down some parts of the video

Add narration, music and sound effects (stock or imported)

Use built-in transitions

Add subtitles from file, auto, speech-to-text, or via the subtitle editor

Save as

Special features in iOS apps

Presets cropped for social media sites

Video Effects and Filters

Automatic transfer to desktop video editor for more editing and enhancement (premium plan)


1. SOM offers over 700 million images and royalty-free photos, videos and music that can be easily added to any project.You can search using keywords or browse popular categories to find the right one.However, access to the stock library is not included in the freemium version and is limited to Premier plan holders.

2. Although not as popular as YouTube, SOM offers a similar video hosting platform.You can upload videos and images directly or from other applications.Organize content into channels/playlists by topic and display them in a list or carousel view.

Share with others via custom links, social media or easily embed on any website.You can also keep the content private, restrict viewing, or add a password to protect the video.And, you'll never see ads anywhere.

3.SOM has an impressive list of apps including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Slides, YouTube, and more.Depending on the app, you can share videos directly on their platform or get help while/after editing.

4. Turn passive video viewers into engaged participants by adding CTA and comment buttons.It will make your content relevant and drive your audience to come back, ask questions or share comments.Also, they won't miss the video because when the user clicks these buttons, the video will automatically pause.

SOM has some amazing and useful features, and the freemium version is pretty good, however, it also has some minor flaws, like screenshots can only be saved as PNG, no scrolling screenshots, OCR recognition, etc.

Regardless, SOM is on the right track and has some great features to brag about, although a little refinement and tweaking could make it an unbeatable screen capture tool.

Price :

Free - limited recording time and watermark

Deluxe (Personal) -- $4.00/month, paid annually

Premium (Personal) -- $5.75/month, paid annually

Business (Three+) -- $5.00/user/month, paid annually







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